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Final week of the season.  Tournament is on Saturday.  So much great.  Weather will be a little chilly in the morning in Santa Clarita for that first round at 7:45AM.  Around 45° so bring under armor.  Will get up to 60° and mostly sunny.  Ideal weather for playing in my opinion.

Here’s Lance Iliev of Kapow! with the tale from last night’s adventure:

Looking back at seasons past, KAPOW! decided to change things up this year. And looking back at the past, Animal Style has always been the dominant team against KAPOW! We first met in 2015 with a 15-3 grilling of KAPOW! The following two times we would face off would be in the 2016 and 2018 tournaments, Animal Style taking both wins as well.

Monday night’s game was set to be a rematch of last year’s tournament. Last year them burgers started out 8-1. The superhero gang fought back hard to lead 11-10, only to walk away with a loss 11-13. Animal Style went on to lose to Skylife, and KAPOW! would lose to TBD, which, by the way, huge shout out to TBD… I mean, TBD v.2 for killing it this year!

Both the Muppets and the crusaders were hyped up before the game, both teams bringing almost full rosters and requesting no subs. We had been practicing all season, Buster said that they had as well. We brought the good fight, and they brought the good defense. This game could have gone either way. The first half saw both teams Beaker to Beaker, Rory Glenn and Andrew LeMaster with some sweet layouts, Jay Newman with some good offense, and great positioning from Heatherlyn LeMaster and Colleen Ortega for throwing, receiving and scoring. KAPOW! waka-waka-ed into the half up 8-6.

The second half was more of a pickle for the Style. Even though they were keeping up with us, the score had turned into a reversal of our last meeting. We were up 13-11! Victory was in our grasps! They needed to do something to stay in the game.

That’s when Dan let out his wild Animal up call ROAR! No seriously, have you heard it? It’s awesome! Mah Na Mah Na!

Anyways, with the Kermits now cleared out of their throats, Elmo and Zoe took their Piggy to the bank, winning it 15-13. The slump towards (most of) our favorite fast food restaurant continues to run dry. Ordering our food Animal Style will never be the same, but we’ll do it anyway!

Shout outs: First to Joanna Whitney. We had elected to stick with the standard 4:3 male ratio. But Joanna brought up a good point tonight, and I think it is something that we could all do going forward. If the gendzone is not used in mixed games, the inclusion of the hand signals continues to bring a more welcoming aspect to the game. Everyone is welcome to play Ultimate, but our women players are not less important than our males. Women players should not just be encouraged to play, but also brought up in practice, positioning, and training the same way as males as well. There are some amazing women players out there that we could all learn from.

Second: Dan Perahya, the man! You have done a great job the last couple of years taking care of the league and tournament. I hope you stick around for several more years.

Third: to Animal Style, your sportsmanship, and the game that we played. We look forward to the next time we meet.

And finally, shout out to Brock Jensen, Arista, and players from Scoober Drivers who have come to help coach and support us in practice and at games this season.

As a team, win or lose, this has been the best season yet for KAPOW! We’ve grown, improved as individuals, and as a team together. I’m proud of our performances, especially our new players Meg McNamara (who had never played Ultimate before the Wednesday before Christmas), Cameron Dalke (who started playing pickup with us over the summer), and Colleen (who hadn’t played for a while before WL), Matt Cox, Brigitte LeMaster, and Rory (all league rookies this year). Now it’s off to the tournament!

A lot of good stuff here.  I’ll throw out my own shout out to Lance for writing recaps along with Mark Baker all year for Kapow! which were always enjoyable to read.  Fun to follow along with the team that comes down here from the Santa Clarita area, and congrats to putting together the first winning season in their Winter League careers.

And now, here’s the story from Animal Style, from Joanna Whitney:

Sometime over the weekend, the man I live with complained that I don’t write about him enough in recaps anymore. Apparently getting an entire recap only written about you and your team corrupts a man, so here is Andrew Goh’s score keeping with my edits in reaction to that statement. Yes I am petty. Deal with it.

I’d like to really shout out Karla for this game. Despite having an injured foot, she played smart and tight D that really made a difference when we were making our comeback in the second half. Despite some guy who calls himself captain on our team liking to get us to force backhand a lot, we showed our strength when marking flick for a bit, but really shut it down and turned the tables when we switched to our zone. Definitely better than in previous years despite never really practicing it. Ted and Nahall were great in the cup really flustering the handlers (I apologize to the other teammate I can’t remember who also made up the cup – maybe Helix?). I was on the sideline the whole second half freezing because I pulled a muscle on the last point of the first half and ended up letting my girl get wide open for a cross-field hammer catch because I didn’t want to look like a jerk and call an injury in the middle of her play to get the disc. Glad it didn’t cost us the game. Especially glad we didn’t lose out on our first round bye to a Santa Clarita team who lives up by the tournament fields. Also glad it’s Skylife probably facing Squirtles in round 1 of the tournament instead of us. Lots of good came from last night.

However, lots of terribleness also came out of last night because immediately after having won best hair, Bobman decided to don his new haircut sans his prize winning locks. I can only assume that after that happened, best gear immediately lit on fire in people’s drawers, cutest new couple broke up in an irreparable fight, the up and coming player of the year has already moved to the Bay, and best recapper has lost her ability to speak english (I mean, I wouldn’t be too upset about this when I was robbed of the title two years in a row despite having written at least one if not more of her winning recaps two years ago). The LAOUT Awards are deadly, everyone. They are notorious for stealing joy from the world. Andy, you are such a villain.

That would have been a great acceptance speech at the live award show.  And then drop the mic.

The “player who shall not be named” was once again not named.  No way for us to know who she was talking about.  Maybe it was the Unknown Comic.  Do you remember that guy from the old Gong Show?

We need to bring that to Ultimate.  That’d be a perfect “hat” for the person you’re talking about, if only he was going to be at St. Pat’s Hat.  *sigh*

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