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Animal Style
Scoober Divers


The rivalry is already strong between these two teams.  In Scoober Divers’ rookie season last year they lost to Animal Style in a close-ish regular season game only to extract their revenge in the tournament.  This would be the rubber match, and it was a good one, as Animal Style’s Snatch gives the account:

I don’t think I have done a recap in about 4 years and I am at work so I won’t be nearly as good as Joanna. She’s the recap pro in our relationship. I’ll just do my best to tell about what happened last night.

The day started with our team having 4 confirmed guys and a bunch of No’s. Joanna and I had a board meeting and we had decided that whichever of us was needed would go to the game to captain. Since that was me and we needed actual guy subs last night, I headed to Sepulveda with Nahall, getting a last minute email from one of our players that she was sick and couldn’t go. Maybe it would have been nice to have Joanna too but it was too late for that. We had been told that the radio mentioned the sports complex being flooded so heading over there in the fog I wasn’t sure we’d actually get to play. The field seemed to be fine however besides the heavy fog that I know happened last week too.

Our team is the team where everyone very slowly trickles in and so you are always wondering if you will have enough to start on time. Our subs were actually the first people on our team there that just shows you how motivated our players are. We were playing scoober divers who we have played a couple of very tough games against. Last year I believe they beat us in the playoffs and we beat them in the regular season. I knew that they play with great spirit and I really like playing them as they force me to play better.

The Game starts with us on offense after winning the pull which I’ve been liking starting on offense. This time it didn’t go so well and they got the break. Okay we shake it off and go on a 5 point run up 5-1 and they call a timeout. Our numbers were pretty low in general so we appreciated the break. They come out of it and are able to get back into the game, scoring the next couple to make it 5-3. I think I called a time out around here and it also helped because we took half 8-3.

At this point I know they are frustrated but ready to come out even harder after the half. I warn my team of this and remind them that this team never gives up so be ready for them to come out even more intense. As my teams avg. age has crept up over the past few years, I can tell this is news they want to hear.

Sure enough, Divers come out hot and we come out like a soggy non-twice baked In N Out fry. They catch up fast and the game is at 8-6. We finally get our engine back in order (it just takes long for these older teams) and are able to start getting our flow back.


The game is back and forth and neither team is able to get an edge. There were a lot of great plays last night. We had a lot of D’s that kept our team in the game and helped when myself and the offense tried to make some tough throws and turned the disc. We get the score to 12-10 and finally break two quick points to go up 14-10. I can taste that sweet victory so close but I know they are not done. We stumble a bit and Divers play hard for 3 points and now it’s 14-13 and I know with our lesser numbers and older players, we are really ready to end this instead of going to overtime. Thankfully we are able to work it up and get an endzone look about halfway down that connects and we can finally fall over and rest. For now, the day is ours. I know that I don’t want to play those people in the tournament though.

I want to mention a couple sweet playmakers last night:
Megan had an amazing layout grab from B-saus when he ambitiously hucked it way past her and she ran it down like a boss.
Julius and Dcon played like the really tall dudes they were and had a lot of great Ds
Our ladies played with only 5 and were getting open all night as an invaluable part of our offense.
Cam on the other team made me run way harder than I wanted to. That bastard is in way better shape than I am and I was thoroughly spent when we finally won. I recruited plenty of people faster than me specifically so guys like that won’t guard me but he and I do have a mini rivalry mostly started because he literally always guards me and I hate him (I don’t hate him, I <3 him). Cam you have to tell me what your teams group chat said, they told me to ask you.
Their whole team played with such great spirit and I am always very appreciative to play with players like that.

Okay Recap done. Sorry for how long it ended up. That’s why I make Joanna do them because once I get going, I’m a rambling man.

And that’s without any alcohol in you.

Cam is very fast.  I’ve guarded him in pick-up and it’s like the scene in Forrest Gump where he blows past everyone and out the stadium.

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