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Boost It


Kapow! joins the 5 win club, which is now at 4 teams.

It was mentioned in the other recap, so I wanted to make sure it showed up here that Kapow’s Rebekah Tsang agreed to not only give up playing for her own team, but she didn’t even play in the game at all, as she went to play on the other field for Whiskey Discs who were low on women.  Class act.

Here’s Kapow’s Mark Baker with the recap:

In years past, Kapow! has played several teams multiple times over the course of a winter league season, and it’s always fun to play a team a second time. This season, we only have that privilege one time, and that was tonight’s game against Boost It!

The score was fairly lopsided. The final score was 15-4. But I know the score didn’t reflect how hard both teams played. There were several long points with several turn overs each. A special shout out to women on Boost It! who played savage.

The highlight of the game on our side was a score that was coming in weird and bounced off Cameron right to Meg. Then Meg bobbled it twice before finally catching it.

It truly was a pleasure playing Boost It! They were positive and kept a fun spirit through the end. They even instigated a pickup game since we ended early. When we were talking about the game afterward, everyone on the team agreed that Boost It! had a great spirit out there tonight. So, thank you for that.

While I’m passing out thank yous, thanks to Brock and CeeCee from Scoober Divers for coming all the way down to Rancho from Santa Clarita to cheer us on.

But the best part of the night was our GroupMe on the way home. Lance, one of our captains, wasn’t able to make the game, and he made the mistake of asking us what the score was. You can see the results.

And, least you think we were so heartless to keep Lance in the dark for a long time, there was this text exchange between Meg and Lance from about the time Meg posted the “picture” of the waiting room.

And yes, Lance did have an inspirational speech for us.  (We did wait a little longer to fill in the rest of the team that couldn’t be there, however.)

I had to admit, while reading all this, I was a little confused myself what was going on here cause it sounded like some of them didn’t seem to get that others were joking, but I’ll give them credit for pulling off a good acting job.  Sounds like Meg is fine, and everyone was in on the joke.  And April Fool’s Day is still a month away.

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  • Mark

    February 27, 2019 at 12:34 pm

    Yes. While we didn’t plan this, everyone but Lance was in on the joke from the start. This all evolved while we were carpooling home after the game one message at a time.


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