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This year we have a bunch of teams making some noise.  TBD at 4-0, Lunch Break at 3-1 and the Misfits, this year’s free agent team, at 3-1 being a few of them.  But let’s not count out Kapow! at 4-1.  Kapow! has never had a winning record in their previous four seasons, and they are just two seasons removed from going 1-5 and finishing in last place.  Last year they were 3-5 but finished 15th of 16 teams.  What a difference a year makes!

And to add to it, last night’s 15-4 win is the second such score of the season.  Something different is happening here, and it’s worth checking out.  So let’s go to our first recap of the night, from Kapow’s Lance Iliev:

I played hooky from Ultimate Monday night and attended the first day of school instead.

Things learned at school:
1) Some math stuff
2) One of my professors worked on the Dilly Dilly campaign

Things I learned after school:

Dilly Dilly, winter league. Dilly Dilly.

Did your professor come up with Dilly Dilly?  And I’m surprised this is the first use of it in a recap actually.

Winter League recaps.  Written with no corn syrup.

And what would Tarmac recaps be without a video from Sonja Roden.  I think half of my Youtube Channel is Sonja.  And I’m totally cool with it.  So here she is:

🎶 Blame it on the Rain, yeah yeah 🎶

Yeah, that’s the ticket…or blame it on our inability to catch the disc. Wherever we place the blame, our 15-12 streak has come to an end.

The rains came and we all got very wet. I added a little clip of wet people being wet. Thankfully Kapow shared their easy-up with us! They are good people, we should keep them around. Also they take their stats very seriously, recording every throw and catch while we’re over here with the “someone threw to someone” record of our game. It was a fun game and quite honestly more interesting than the super bowl. As for actual game stuff, it started out fine. We were within a couple points and then we dropped the disc a lot and threw it in ways that weren’t successful. Kapow had a definite height advantage over us and properly used said advantage. We ran some zone which made them have to work it around a lot more but didn’t stop them scoring.

I could probably come up with more things to say about the game but I’m distracted right now listening to Step In Time and doing the choreography in my head and I’m feeling the need to get up and dance around the office so I’m gonna go do that instead. Let’s be honest none of y’all click on my recap expecting to get actual information about the game anyway.

Fun fact, Step In Time is 8 minutes and 44 seconds long.

Completely infallible logic on how Kapow! and Tarmac are better than the Patriots and Rams.  I am giving a standing ovation to that one.

I also like how Sonja turns her recaps into her own personal karaoke.

Total aside.  But I was reminded by seeing Tarmac’s logo of the airplane and Sonja’s rain recap.  My airplane was hit by lightning this weekend.  (Actually, that’s not true.  The airplane I was SUPPOSED to be on was hit by lightning this weekend right before we got on it.  They had to shut it down and we got moved to another plane.  I’m told it was in the news.  That’s bonkers.)

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  • Bobby Aholt

    February 5, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    I wrote a recap but Lance turned his in first, so I’ll just tack mine onto here:

    *A brief historical fact: Daniel Hensel from Tarmac was one of the founding members of Kapow*

    Clouds rolled over and fog swept into the valley as the rain drizzled across the turf. It was a picture out of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In line with the book, Kapow was a team pulled together from a group of individuals to form a new being. And the mad doctor that had ignited life in this creation was nowhere to be found. We missed Daniel from the game, but his absence didn’t mean Tarmac was without life.
    Monday night both teams lined the field, bright orange and glowing red, and as lightning struck the game began (the lightning may be a bit dramatized). Kapow came out swinging with two points to start the game. But Tarmac wouldn’t let our streak go on for long, they retaliated with the next point.

    The first half continued in this same fashion until the wind and the rains began to really wash over the field. The disc got slippery and both teams had trouble keeping possession. Points dragged out and each team battled to make it down their side of the field. Thankfully one of the Kapow players, Travis, brought an EZ-Up and the sideline was able to stay a little dry. As both teams got to know each other in a very close space, the first half ended 8-4 with Kapow in the lead.

    We rolled into second half, the rain began to lighten, but the energy on the field increased. Kapow had some great movement and defence, working up the field like a bat out of Hell; Scoring seven straight points to end the game and get everyone out of the rain. We had some really great communication on the field and are starting to look like a team that knows what they’re doing (somewhat). Jay and Matt are killing it with their deep runs, Travis, Josh and Billy with some impressive handling, Andrew and Cameron making some smart cuts, and our ladies are the legs supporting this team.

    As some of you might know, there’s a new rule this year, teams can switch in and have 4 ladies and 3 guys on the field. Tarmac had a few more women than men at the game and decided to use the rule to give everyone an even amount of playing time. I was a little worried how this would work, because we hadn’t practiced any of this and it threw off our lines, but wholly monster hunter did our girls come out and impress. Bridgett, Heatherlynn and Steph have improved 10 fold on their cutting. I remember multiple times Steph cut back to the open zone and made it easy to move the disc up the middle of the field. Meg, Colleen and Jessi we’re unstoppable playing 13, 14 and 14 points.

    Overall it was a good a good game despite the weather. Tarmac was a fantastic team and each of their players came out on the field with heart and tenacity. They had some impressive D-fence, switching from man to zone. That really kept us on our toes. Their ladies were on top of defence; I can remember at least two blocks in the endzone. There were a few T.O.’s for injuries called and one minor disagreement, but I hope we get to play them again in the tournament, that time with their full roster!


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