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Today’s recap is from Kapow’s Lance Iliev:

Going into this week, the BIG talk amongst some of our players was determining where the new teams fit into the mix of existing teams. Whiskey Disks, Boost It!, Misfits, and Plenty of Boba in the Tea are the newest teams this year, and we greatly and excitedly welcome them all to the league. Where exactly do they match up? It’s still waaaay too early to tell.

Let’s get to the action. The leagues two teams with exclamation points in their names faced off for the first time ever. What Tuesday’s game lacked was some kids messing with the cones again, which has been joked about in the past couple weeks. What the game did have is a good amount of longish points, turnover’s, D’s, and at least one unintentional bookend on our side. At least that player got his change, because that is what this season has become. Some interesting 2019 team stats have been broken tonight:

Games 1/2: KAPOW! pulled first, got some D’s and turns, and scored, starting the game 2-0.
Game 3: We tip our hats to Boost It!, as we still pulled, but after a couple of D’s and turns, they started the game with the first score.

The game tied early at 3’s, KAPOW! scored the next 4 in a row, and then ended the first half with a hammer, leading 8-4. The half was a good time for Boost It to regroup, and to get some throws in. The first half of the game they did well, but in the second half they performed much better, scoring 4 points in a row of their second half 7 total.

Games 1/2: Rory sent the game winning assist.
Game 3: Bobby sent the game winning assist, ending it 15-11

Games 1/2: KAPOW! had 37 turnovers… per game.
Game 3: 33 turnovers!!! HEY TEAM, WE’RE GETTING BETTER!!!

Last week: Meg McNamara had some monster defense.
This week: Colleen Ortega was our KAPOW! women defender of the game with some out-of-nowhere blocks!

Spirit cheer wise, Boost It! is leading in originality this season.

Things being learned this season:
1. Boost It! also uses pylons in their pick up games!
2. Stats are fun. Every team should start keeping stats on your players if you haven’t yet.
3. Setting team goals of wanting to start a game or end a game a certain way doesn’t really matter.
4. What does is that everyone is out there having good attitudes, giving effort, having fun, and improving as a players individually, and as teams.

Also, In-n-Out is still one of the best places that teams can go and meet up post-game. Thanks to Scoober Divers joining us after their game as well! We love our Ultimate community, regardless of what team our friends play on.

Oh, we’ve done stats before.  In fact, I did stats for several Winter League teams for years.  Some of them were even posted along with recaps back in the day.  Good idea to bring those back.

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