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Final recap of the season.  Will see you all on Saturday.

Here’s Greta Becker from TBD v.2 with half a game’s worth of notes.

She said they forgot to take notes in the second half.

But then an hour after sending that, Greta sent me this:

LOL you thought that screen grab with the childish handwriting of Xnads was our recap? GUESS AGAIN. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to write a recap about this great first half of a game against Dumbledore’s Army (we actually did forget to take notes about the second half, but that’s okay given the score).

Dumbledore’s Army has a lot of familiar faces so there was lots of shit talking from Xnads towards Kwok. Xnads would say something, Kwok would pretend not to hear and then turn around and say “I’m not listening to you.” But that just meant that he really was listening, right?

The first half was a great half – trading points back and forth. Kwok throws a “dime” for the first point of the game (surprising that word was used since it was Xnads writing). But TBD responds with the second and third, both hucks from Dylan to me and Ilian. But then DA was like, we can score two in a row too and they do. And then each point after that is traded.

Dylan had the chance to sky FOUR DAers – he actually caught it up but *ultimately* dropped it. But then Phil skied his roomie Wick and all was right in the world. There’s collision involving two TBDers and one DAer – it’s unclear if a foul is called as Ilian takes an injury sub but it’s discussed and the disc goes back.

Dylan throws to me, Dylan throws to Char, Alex to Fuse, Dylan to Phil. Half at 7-8, DA taking it.

After half. TBD only scored one point, woof. DA made some adjustments and took the game 15-8. Hopefully we can learn how to be a second half team and hopefully Cory can send some good luck vibes our way as he’s missing the tournament. And let me add another reason/excuse we lost – TBD has so many injuries. Maggie dislocated her elbow, Kyle’s got a Miniscus thing with his knee, Xnads has a sprained ankle. AND people are constantly not telling me if they’re coming to the game – BUTTTTTT, Phil finally wore his jersey, FINALLY.

This was a short recap for me – maybe Alex Carey will even find it short enough to read, fingers crossed!

p.s. Our ENTIRE team made it to the bar last night, just check out this photo as proof

Since Greta waited an hour to send me the follow-up recap, I should wait an hour to post this on Facebook to keep it true to the concept, but I have to go into back-to-back meetings and then get out of here early to take Erin to the airport so I have to post now.

And right when I was about to post, we also got the GroupMe recap from Dumbledore’s Army.  But sorry, no time for comments.  See you all Saturday!

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  • Vivian

    March 8, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    my favorite thing about the DA recaps (that I’ve read) are that their names change every time


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