RecapWinter 2019Dumbledore’s Army vs Ninja Squirtles

Dumbledore's Amy
Ninja Squirtles


It’s just really hard to go undefeated.  That’s what it comes down to.  In recorded Winter League history, only a handful of teams have done it, even though over the years we’ve had a lot of rain outs prior to the turf fields, so even with shortened schedules, still very few teams pulled off the feat.  Ninja Squirtles was the last of the undefeated teams.  And now there’s only one winless team, Whiskey Discs, so I’m rooting for them in their final couple weeks to pull one out so everyone’s got at least one loss and one win on their record.  It’s already been a really good season, and that would be like the icing.

So let’s get into the Dumbledore GroupMe recap, that ends….. not the way you’d expect it to end with two weeks left in the season…..  It’s a head scratcher, but here you go.

Wow, they literally eliminated everyone who wasn’t there at the game last night.  That’s so metaphorically dark.

How do you remove Fei though?  That’s just…. I mean, c’mon.  Too far.

Although Maggie telling Kwok to “get out of our recap” was worth the price of admission.  

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