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Whiskey Discs


0-0?  What could’ve happened.  Well here’s Christi Betz Your Bottom Dollar with the recap:

This is it. Our last night of the winter league season. And of course, it’s the one time LA has a crazy lightning storm. I was running late but the first strike of lightning around 7:50pm was so close to the fields that everyone quickly packed up to wait in their cars. We tried waiting it out to see if it would pass but the lightning just kept coming so we eventually decided to call it and just go to the bar.

(Actual footage from last night)

Of course Rooks won the bar again being the only team to show up. We have gone undefeated at the bar this season. A true Cinderella story. It was a pretty great year with Rooks and a fun way to end the season even if we didn’t get to play our last game.

Don’t fall for it.  That’s not actual footage from last night.  Sly dog.

I fell for it.  But then again, I’m known to be somewhat naive.  I believe in Reality TV for example.  Maybe I just wanted to believe that was from last night, even though if you really look carefully, it looks like the top of a house, and why would there be the top of a house on the field?

As Ren would say, “you eeee-diot”

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