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Whiskey Discs is now 0-7 as a rookie team.  But there’s hope.

Slow Children at Play went 0-5 in their rookie season of 2008.  The following season they were 5-3 and the year after that they went 6-1.

The Flying Guillotines in 2003 finished 0-5.  The following year they changed their name to Good Hurt, and two years after that they were 6-1.  (They won B Division that year.  Also I believe the change to Good Hurt was due to sponsorship from the Good Hurt apparel company.  That’s just some off-subject trivia for you.)

There were several other cases of course of teams having ofer seasons and then dropping a division and winning, but both of these above cases were teams that did not drop a division.  They just turned their fortune around.  They’re great stories and should serve as inspiration for Whiskey Discs that better times may be ahead, so don’t give up hope.

Of course, as Christie points out further down, it’s not all about the winning.  And she’s 100% right.  But I just wanted to say all this because there’s been 26 teams in Winter League on-line recorded history that had winless seasons.  18 of them disbanded the year after that season, so I’m hoping Whiskey Discs sticks around.

I’ve got two recaps for you from this game.  What would you like to see first?  Gifs or videos?  (Sadly, this is not as interactive as I would like.)

We’ll do the video first, cause that’s the order I got ’em.  Here’s Tarmac’s Sonja Roden:

ST PAT’S HAT – You should sign up, I’m just sayin’.

It was a good night at Rancho. We didn’t have to drive through one of the Great Lakes to get to the parking lot, yay. There were some major pot holes to avoid but it was just like avoiding the bananas in Mario Cart, which I suck at btw. Most 4yr olds are better at MC than I am. If you are looking for a good drinking game, take a shot every time I fall off the track, you’ll be drunk by the end of the first lap.

Last night was a tale of female subs. As we were about to start our game Whiskey Discs only had 2 women, we had 2 subs so we begrudgingly/happily let them have Christi. Kapow’s women had come out in full force so I mentioned that if any of their women were willing I thought the WD women would appreciate not having to play savage. Crap, I’m a jerk and I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure it was Rebekah who came over to help them out. Speaking of women, I had the pleasure of guarding one who had a good foot on me…ok in truth she was probably only about 6 inches taller but had legs up to my armpits and was all over the place in regular tennis shoes, no cleats needed for her. Then there was Shelly, she was crazy fast and getting Ds all over the place.

Most of their people are flag football players and new to Ultimate. They are all very athletic and once they get more of the strategy and disc movement down they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

We joined the cool kids puke club last night with our very own pile on the sideline, at least we think it was puke, it was bright red and mushed into the turf and it did not come from one of us. Now on to my migraine induced video from last night.

Score 15 – 8. I made sure to ask how many points they had this time.

Must you with the puke?  C’mon, didn’t we talk about this last week?  You’re killing me Sonja.

By the way, you’re welcome to come over and practice Mario Kart if you like.  So long as you can keep from petting cute dogs for a few minutes.  Clearly from this video you are distracted by all manner of small animals. *lol*

Okay, so they’re flag football players.  See that’s good info.  I didn’t know that.  I love that we’re bringing players from other sports over here.  That’s so fun.  Also, all the more impressive that they’re new to Ultimate and already they’re using the word discs in their team name.  That’s usually a veteran move.  I like it.

Alight, it’s gif time.  And I should point out according to the website Mashable, 70% of people in the world pronounce it with the hard G like gift.  Not with the soft G like gin.  But I am in the minority and I’m not leaving.  The water’s beautiful on the J side and we’d love to have you come over.

So here with the recap is Christi Betz with a soft Z:

I showed up at Rancho Cienega last night to sub for Tarmac for their game against Whiskey Discs. However, when I got to the field, it looked like Tarmac had plenty of players while Whiskey Discs had 4 men and 1 woman as of 8pm. I let the captains hash it out and I ended up subbing for Whiskey along with Rebekah from Kapow. (Kapow was playing on the next field over and had a lot of ladies so she graciously came over to join us!)

Tarmac came out swinging and quickly took the lead 4-0 with Comet scoring 3 of those 4 points. She was on the sideline for the point she didn’t score…

More Whiskey Discs players started showing and they snuck in a score before Tarmac took half 8-1. In the second half, Whiskey scored and then caught a break on the next point. I can’t remember the score exactly, but it was something like 12-4.

At 14-4, one of the Whiskey players took his cleats off to pack up for the night, but the rest of his team wasn’t having it. They went on a 4 point run to take it to 14-8!! Marissa had an awesome catch with her knees. Shelly was streaking all over the field for catches and D’s. It was pretty great!

The 5th game point went something like this because I started to take notes: Whiskey worked the disc down to their end zone with a big huck and then called a time out. They set up a play and just missed it. Tarmac got the disc down to their own end zone, and then they missed too. Back to Whiskey – they went for a big huck to the end zone but Marcus on Tarmac ran it down. Then there was another turn, giving the disc back to Whiskey. They had a nice open throw to the end zone, but it was just a little too deep and it was caught out the back. Tarmac had a big shot to their favorite receiver, Comet, but Shelly chased her down for the D. Here, Whiskey had a missed connection on the first throw off the line and Tarmac quickly converted for the win.

It’s great to see Whiskey Discs out there having fun on the field. Winter league can get pretty competitive, especially on the upper end of the brackets, but it doesn’t always have to be about winning. They’re having fun and that’s the only reason anyone should be on the field. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

Amen sister.

If my team has a bye round during the tournament, I’d love to go over and watch Whiskey Discs.  I think I would be a fan.

Huge props to Rebekah Tsang for leaving her own game to go over and help out Whiskey Discs.  That’s a pretty cool selfless move.

Kid scratching the dog scratching the kid is a money gif.  I may have stared at that one for several minutes before moving on.

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