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Whiskey Discs


Whiskey Discs started off their career with a first round bye.  Welcome to the league!  But they finally got their first game in last night, taking on Kapow!  Here’s Kapow’s Mark Baker:

Summoned, I appear.

Seriously, it’s great to be able to write a recap again. Thanks to Kapow! for giving me the chance (and Andy for wanting me to recap). And now, for Monday’s game.

It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shout rang out. The player screamed, “ULTIMATE!!!!!”

Okay, okay, so the rain had stopped by game time, but the field was still plenty wet and the fog came in during the first half. It was fairly thick by the time the game was over. We had the privilege of playing Whiskey Disc, a new team to our league. In fact, this was their first game.

The game was lopsided in our favor, with the final score being 15-4. However, Whiskey Disc began to get the feel for the game. It was 8-1 at half, so they got 3 of those points in the second half. There were lots of turns on both sides over the course of the night, including a monster long point to close the second half. There were so many turns on both sides that point it was crazy.

In my mind, there were two plays of the game. On our side, there was a point where the disc was thrown to Bobby, and it hit him in the face. It actually kept flying down the field, and he caught it in the end zone for a score. On their side, during that monster long point, one of their women did an amazing diving catch.

On our side, Brigitte LeMaster had two of our scores, and Meg McNamara had two D’s. Travis Hayden and Bobby Aholt were getting lots of D’s, and Matt Cox scored three points.

Whiskey Disc is going to be a team to watch. They’ve got a lot of new players, but they are eager to learn the game. As they get more experience under their belt, they will become much more formidable. It will be fun to see how they are doing later in the season.

Lance Iliev also wanted to point out that with his first game back on KAPOW! and in winter league after 2 years being away, Mark caught the game winning score, assisted by Rory Glen throwing his second game winning assist.

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