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Sky Life


Sorry I didn’t get this up until today.  Was doing Lei-Out stuff.  Still actually doing Lei-Out stuff days after it ended.  So right into the recap from Rooks’ Christi Betz:

Winter League Week 2! Yay!

It’s not raining! Yay!

Thursday karaoke! YAY!

There were no real surprises with this game. Skylife came out swinging and took the first 4? 5? 6 points? We struck back to hold onto some of our dignity, but we lost a little of our mojo from week 1. Skylife was fun to play against, and special shout out to Frances who was just EVERYWHERE catching Ds and skying dudes i the endzone. Skylife took the game 15-6.

But the main event for the evening was actually the karaoke! And Rooks got the only win that counts – winning the bar. I cut together clips of all the stellar performances, but it’s almost 2am and I have no idea how to upload a video to YouTube. So… maybe you’ll get to see it eventually?

In fact, you’ll see it right here.

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