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Well, this is new.  You’ll see below.  It’s a gaggle of recaps.  Some might say a plethora of recaps, but those people are just trying to make “Three Amigos” references and would be wrong anyway, because a plethora means excessive, and this is by no means excessive.  I will read 20 recaps if submitted.  Go ahead.  Challenge me.  (edit.  – I wrote that at 9:30 this morning.  It’s now 2:30 in the afternoon and I just finished adding everything, and I’m revising that statement.  Haha.  No more challenges, please.)

So let’s start by saying that the sad part about last night was the end of the Rooks’ two-game winning streak.  Just when we were starting to get excited and see how long this thing could last, it’s already done.  But the wheels are set in motion for another streak.  I just know it.  And now, let’s get to these recaps, starting with Dan Perahya of Animal Style who kind of explains this whole multiple recap thing:

In determining the winner of an athletic competition, one need only look at the score. You can do that HERE. When determining the winner of the after events, one need only read the recap. It is for this purpose that I want to focus on the after events of tonight’s game.

The setting: Robin Hood British Pub. It began innocently enough. Who is going to write the recap? We all assumed that Joanna would, since she is a previous winner of the annual recapper award. Joanna however was not interested. After much hemming and hawing, Nahall had become our team’s recap writer. She was worried, no, petrified, due to the fact that she had never written a recap. We all gave her pointers and assured her that the truth was merely a suggestion when it came to recaps. Entertainment value was most important. Nahall started taking notes. Meanwhile, Colin was working on his own recap across the table. I do believe gifs were involved. Nahall, still insanely worried about writing the recap, now felt intimidated by the quality of recap coming from the Rooks’ side of the table. Then, Nahall had to leave. At this point we discussed Brian’s poor attempts at recaps for Blues Clues. And my few duds. I’m particularly disappointed that my scholarly paper on why you should always choose “same” on a flip was overshadowed by Alex Carey’s baby announcement. People have babies all the time. Intellectual discourse about probabilities and flipping discs is a rarity. But I digress. We continued to discuss what a good recap really has and we all (Joanna and myself mostly) came to the conclusion that Andy Bandit comments are the key. You need Andy comments on your recaps to make them great. So how does one elicit a response from The Andy Bandit? Asking for stats! Getting Andy to dig through the archives is a sure fire way to get him to comment. So Andy, did we set the record for most recaps about one game?

Oh, you sly dog you.  Well played sir.

So it depends on what you count as a recap.  If you take Dumbledore’s Army’s GroupMe recaps, and take each individual text as their own unique recap, then the number is very large.  But if you choose to count those as just ONE recap submitted by multiple people, then the actual number I think you’re looking for is 4.  Two recaps submitted by each side of one game.  I remember writing it, but that’s just going from memory.  I wish today I had the time to actually go back and do the true research, but unfortunately my job job has been taxing me as of late (I won’t get into it, but it involves the upcoming Disney/Fox merger) and I also have to add the 20 gifs Colin Whitman just submitted, which you’ll see later on.

So yes, you’re definitely breaking the record tonight.  And I love records!  So bravissimo!  (Careful to google that word if you’re at work.  It apparently is also the name of a lingerie company.)

Next up, is order of submission, is Derek Lay from the Rooks:

So it was decided by people at the bar that everyone at said bar should submit a recap. I was at the bar, so I got wrangled into this endeavor. I’m hoping I can offer a little bit to supplement everyone else’s experience of the Rooks vs Animal Style matchup. First off, traffic was unusually bad getting to the fields tonight. I don’t remember ever seeing that much red on my route to Sepulveda from Alhambra. Took me just under an hour to get there – I wonder what the hold up was, because I didn’t see anything. Anyway, Rooks warmed up as best we could in the cold weather. Then we played some frisbee. And then the game ended, but for some reason it ended when Animal Style scored. I’m not the best at keeping track of points. So, we set off to the bar. Enjoyed the company of Animal Style, but little did they know that we Rooks make up for any shortcomings on the field at the bar, which we resoundingly won.

Is there a way to check highway accidents from the night before?  I guess other than curiosity, there’s probably no benefit to such a website, so I’m just gonna say no, and that we’ll never know.  Just a reminder that it’s time for automated cars already.

Oh, that reminds me, I was in an automated car a couple weeks ago.  My friend who makes way way way more money than me (and still even more than that) has a brand spankin’ new Tesla and it can switch to automated driving, and we did it for two blocks, and it was trippy.  We have reached the future people!!!  And that wasn’t even in the top 3 coolest features.  The coolest thing was how you could see all the cars around you on a virtual display so it looked like you were in a video game.  It was actually distracting, and maybe not so safe if you keep looking at it instead of the road.

Okay, back to recaps. Next in order of receipt was Buster with her Bustacap (that still make me giggle a little):

I injured my shoulder at mini pickup on Friday and could barely move it on Saturday and Sunday. I believe I hyper-extended it from over use of it. So going into last night, I told myself that I shouldn’t play at all, but, of course, I didn’t listen to myself and I played *dumb idea*. So I told myself that I was only going to cut and dump the disc for the most part, but, of course, I didn’t listen to myself, and I possibly injured myself further *dumb idea*. I did, at least, listen to myself for 1 point, I cut, I dumped and then I scored! So that’s what it feels like to score a point! As a handler, I don’t score much, like at all typically. Maybe I should cut more often. Nah *great idea*! So after the surge of confidence that my shoulder was okay after 1 point, I decided to keep playing and doing more than I should have. At some point during the first half, as a cutter, I run deep, the disc goes up, I jump, reach up with my bad shoulder, *dumb idea*, catch the disc, score…travel called. Well that sucks for my shoulder. On the last point before half, I am back as a handler, *dumb idea*, and the disc is dumped to me. I catch it, Snatch goes break, I immediately break my mark to throw a flick to Snatch, *dumb idea*, he scores…travel called, ugh, injury called.

Since I can’t seem to listen to myself, I take myself out of the game at half and start to socialize. No idea what happened in the second half.

Half: 8 – 6 AS
Final: 15 – 10 AS

Update: My shoulder actually feels okay today. I have full range of motion back except for my arm straight up! Progress!

That is impressive considering by my count there were 5 dumb ideas and only 1 great idea.  Happy to hear the shoulder is okay.  I assume this means more dumb ideas are right around the corner, right?  Woo hoo!!!  I think we’re all victim of that.  Ask Seth who dealt with plantar fasciitis for almost a decade because he refused to take enough time off from playing.

So she can do everything except signal readiness for the pull.  I wish I could remember the scene this reminds me of.  Some British film.  There’s a funny scene where the guy goes “I hurt my shoulder.  I can’t lift my arm past this point.” (Lifts his arm halfway up.)  “I used to be able to lift it this high.” (Lifts his arm above his head.)  And the woman he’s talking to goes “you just did!”  And he says, “no, it’s my other arm.”  Stupid, I know, but it made me laugh when I saw it.

Next up is Colin Whitman of the Rooks.  Oh boy.  For the record, this is no light amount of work to download and subsequently upload 20 gifs while adding all these other recaps.  But it’s worth it cause this is a very amusing idea:

For this recap, Rooks are creating a new format to play into our strengths as a team: MAD GIFS.

Colin wrote the recap and after it was complete, requested gifs to fill in the blanks. The only hints they received were “adjective”, “noun”, “action”, etc. Lets see how it works out.

Another night, another Rooks battle no big deal. But as we got to the field, Devore looked fairly old trying to warm up. Breathing in the 45 degree air, Devore said to himself….


In order to stay warm and unified the Rooks ran their favorite drill


But then the game started and boom boom boom. Rooks and Animal exchanged


But then we pulled out the big


and scored a sweet, sweet break.


The rest of the half featured amazing battles from Aaron who battled Snatch all night long and after a massive dunk, yelled out


Christi literally stole a D from the defense and kept the point alive, looked at her defender and spiritedly said,


Elaine grabbed a disc over the shoulder and later got an amazing head d, and to celebrate she


Half ended 6-8 bad guys.

We wrote half the recap and have decided they are hard. Colin’s face looks like


But seriously it was a dope game, and despite the score the game was closely contested. Now we’re blending recaps. Buster wants you to know she and DeVore did great. They looked into each other’s eyes and said


Now we’re battling recaps, nahall’s doing a


job, I’m sure. But Nahall is doing great. The rest of the game featured

(plural noun)

and (plural noun)

and even (action).

But there was friendly fire, too. Colin’s nose to Derek’s shoulder


And Luigi’s body into Darly’s bruised ribs


The game was dope. We went to the Robin Hood shared laughs and gifs. And then midnight rolled around and Christi shouted

(dealer’s choice).

And the night ended with much joy and celebration.

Snatch requests that I mention that one time I tried to jump and d an easy floater and it looked like this

(dealer’s choice)

and then Ted scored. Long story short it was sad and my pride was also


That worked out weirdly well to explain the night…. Also, Rooks won the bar. So the win streak stays alive!

I don’t even know how to comment on that.  The only thing I can think of is to use the symbol I’ve learned to love recently, the interrobang 

We now get to the person who started this whole thing.  Nahall Esteghamat of Animal Style:

Somehow I got roped into writing my first recap while chatting after the game at robin hood. How? Why!? The stress! I didn’t pay close attention to all the points on the field, and Colin was sitting in the corner giggling as he wrote his recap, damn. You know his is going to be good. Ok here it goes:

It was a cold, cold, coooooooold night. Hands were frozen, but our spirits were lifted by Colin’s on point playlist – props to playing pump up the jam, amazing song. (Everyone take 4 minutes out of your day and watch that music video- the 90s were a magical time.) It was Animal Style versus Rooks, a match up we haven’t seen for some time, and with Rooks on a hot streak we were excited to play a fun match up.

The first half was spent trading some points (and warming up frozen hands- did I mention it was cold?). There were some turn overs on both teams, and some great catches as well. Christi had a baller grab on a laser throw, Derek was keeping our deep cuts in check, Buster had a great up the line grab, Dan got a lay out D, and Bobman did what Bobman does best- team oranges for half, duh! Animals took half at 8-6.

With a quick huddle for warmth and motivating words, we were back on the field for shenanigans. Shenanigans like several of the Rooks players running into each other, on multiple points. Ted turfing the frisbee (love ya ted). Bobman waving his hands and getting a D from behind without knowing it, and on the turn with a huck to Megan, Elaine on Rooks D’ed the frisbee… with her head? I think it was her head. There seemed to be some head trauma going on the field last night. At one point, I looked to my left and Karla was laying on the ground saying someone had bumped into her or she had hit her head, and then Aaron fouled Snatch in the head, per Dan it looked something like this:

I probably mixed up when half of these events occurred- not due to head injury, but because of the whole not anticipating having to write a recap and being funny thing. Luckily, Dan gave me some solid advice at the bar- “It has to be entertaining, doesn’t have to be that true”

I’ll leave you with one more magical nugget from Colin, “Guys, I’m mildly slow at reading”.

Oh- game ended 15-10. I was told I must include scores. Because, ya know, some people like to keep track of rankings and stuff. Weird.

Agreed on “Pump Up the Jam”.  It’s literally impossible not to sing the words when you read it.  I’m certain there’s 100% participation rate on that from all of you reading this.  Don’t deny it.

Jeez, that Lebron clip is crazy.  After he knocks Terry down he stared him down?  Oh Lebron.  Why are you always so you?

I was indeed entertained by your first recap Nahall so kudos.  I might even put more comments, but putting together this recap has already taken me a few hours, and I still have three (now four) more to post.   AND the recap from the other game.  Zoinks!!!

Next we have Snatch from Animal Style:

I had a ton of shit happen at work today but I want to get a recap in because I am mostly to blame for there being so many recaps tonight. I can only imagine the look of Joy on Andy’s face as he received recap after recap. That was mostly why I wanted to make sure this happened. For Andy! As I sneakily write this at work on a very brief break I have, I realize that With so many recaps coming in, we are going to give people recap fatigue. Sorry for that! The game was great. Rooks played the best I’ve ever seen them play and they have plenty of players who are not rookies so their name might need to be updated. I know Colin’s recap has a lot of GIFs describing all the shenanigans so I’ll stay away from that and say it was one of the best spirited games of the season. That doesn’t surprise me because they are a very spirited team. Even when the game ended on a foul after an epic final point with around 6 turns on each side, both teams were cheerful and in great spirits. We went right up until 10 and the field manager guy was like hey get off the fields so it became a scramble to get out of there. I am disappointed that only Animal Style and Rooks were present at the bar and the other two teams nowhere to be seen but maybe it was for the best. The bar lasted about 2 hours and ended in our great plan to write way too many recaps. We stand in solidarity today with Nahall who had to write her first recap today, thinking that it would stand alone. I want her to know that we stand by her and that I hope you pick a really goofy picture of her for hers because she was worried about having her picture up there. That’s all I got. Cant wait to read the others.

I thought I picked a good photo for her.  I do try to pick good photos for recap pictures.  When we used to have the website that allowed me to put large photos on the main page along with recaps, I definitely went for goofy photos then.  But I WANT people to write recaps, so I make sure to at least try and pick a good photo.

Next up, from Rooks, is Bryan DeVore:

Long ago on Gridlock, our team came up with 3 pillars of ultimate to be a better player.
1. Confidence
2. Field Vision
3. Community
Last year, Rooks was struggling with all three. We have really turned it around this year and have a solid community. Coming off a couple of wins and a long Saturday fun-day together, Rooks was raring to go against Animal Style, a team who we knew would be a tough matchup for us.

Personally, I was excited to go toe to toe with Joe Bobman. With an abundance of confidence, I thought I could shut him down.

We traded the first couple of points and I think we maybe got the first break of the game? It’s all a blur when Bobman’s flowing locks are that close to you. I hear that he wasn’t nominated for best hair and that’s a travesty. Animal Style really brought out our competitive side. They would cut through our defense with ease, then we would have to battle back on offense to keep up. Because I know that everyone loves stats, last week against Boost It! We had 39 turnovers. This week against Animal Style, we had 26. That is a massive improvement!

The one pillar that we’re currently missing is field vision. Animal Style played a lot of force backhand and we had a hard time adjusting to cutting the other way and pulling their poaches out of the lane. Once we grok all three pillars, watch out!

I think my favorite part of this game was that every Rook made key contributions to our game. We’re improving in leaps and bounds and I’m excited to see where this season takes us!

That is a very interesting stat that in the game that you won, you had 39 turnovers, but in the game you lost you had only 26.  It reminds me of a story I’ve told many times about when I used to do stats for Pist in Winter League.  They would play one night and lose to a good team and talk about all the bad things they did on offense.  The next game they would win against a bad team and talk about all the good things they did on offense.  When I looked at the stats for the two games, they were exactly the same.  So really, the only difference was the opponent.  And that’s something we often forget about.

Sorry Bobman didn’t get any love for best hair.  Eventually, he’ll get there.  Just keep growing it out.  That’s what Box did before he finally won.

# 8 on the long train of recaps is Rooks’ Christi “You Better, You Better, You” Betz:

Please Note – this is a BarCap only. Nahall has the real game recap, and it will be the best recap ever because it’s her first. Maybe there will be one or two more recaps submitted… who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Animal Style brought a good showing to the bar. They beat us in numbers, but Rooks held strong and still won the night leaving sometime after 12:30am…. I’m not nearly awake enough for the number of meetings I have at work today, but this recap is taking priority right now.

Personally, I had a blast at Robin Hood last night. It harkened back to the good ol’ days of summer league in the valley and the grumpy locals glaring at us for being too loud. It had been a while since we’d played Animal Style, so it was great to hang out with them for a bit. That said, I was appalled to learn that Joanna is running St. Pat’s Hat (go sign up!) but SHE ISN’T EVEN GOING TO BE THERE! Fat Unicorn planned some team trip to Italy and they’re all abandoning us for the most special tournament of the year. WHATEVER. I’M NOT BITTER. IT’S FINE.

This is where I would put a really great GIF that perfectly conveys my disappointment, but I know Colin’s recap will have plenty of GIFs and because I work in digital advertising, I’m worried about the extra file size for all of those GIFs and I don’t want to drag the page down with all those megs. I’m just looking out for your data plans!

Oh yeah, in case you’re curious… 15-10 Animal Style.

Bless you Christi for not including more gifs.  Bless you, bless you, bless your soul.

Oh my God, is that Fat Unicorn trip happening during St. Pat’s?  I’m not sure I realized that.  That sucks Joanna won’t be there.  I’m sure Sonja will do a stellar job on her own, but Joanna not at a St. Pat’s Hat is like Punxsutawny Phil failing to come out and see his shadow.  (Yes, Joanna, I just compared you to a groundhog.  Sorry, not sorry.)

Good to know that they haven’t changed a bit at the Robin Hood and they’re just as crusty as ever.

Finally we have Joanna Whitney of Animal Style.  She accurately titled her recap:

Animal Style vs Rooks Recap #9?

Nailed it.  Have you actually read through this entire thing so far?  Well, if you’ve gone this far….. here’s Jo, back from the dentist’s office to write this:

’Twas an arctic night on the 11th night of the second month of the year two thousand and nineteen. My wrist still aches from the cold that made an injury penetrate deep into the bone. The injury I sustained from a one, Sir Bryan, who smacked my weaponry while being run right up against me as he chased Ted the Tumultuous. But I digress. Thou art not here to listen to my pain, thou art here for a tale of knighthood and battles from far off places.

The nights had been growing colder, but the storms had finally given the land a break from their incessant rains. The time for vengeance was nigh. Fresh off a lost battle against the sorcerers from the motherland, Clan Animal Style set their sights on claiming the land of Clan Rooks. The Animals had been calculating the Rooks movements and had discovered that their path would lead them right to Clan Animal’s very own backyard.

Though their flag flew high with confidence after their own scourge of two other clans in the area, Clan Rooks approached the Valley of Sepulveda with caution and calculations. Clan Animal Style stared back, a slight sneer on their faces, knowing that they would not accept anything other than victory.

The two armies descended into the valley at full force, running and setting forth guttural yells. As their swords met, each side took a slice out of the other. First Animal, then Rooks, Animal, Rooks. It happened quickly. Immediately Lady Buster of House NoHoian broke free from her horse and ran on foot to infiltrate enemy lines. She handily succeeded in taking down their first pawn. However, as she was collecting her own body count on her side, Sir Derek Father of Fast Dragons was flying in on Danicor to swoop down on Clan Animal with Sir Bryan of House BloosCloos by his side. Sir Derek knocked them from their horses as Sir Bryan drove his sword home.

The cold was freezing in the lungs of Clan Animal, but they managed to take out eight knights and only lost 6. The sides ceased fire for the night while both recalculated their tactics. Though Clan Rooks were confident, the signals Animal had told them to use when sending either their women or men to battle confused them as they sought to start the battle at dawn. Clan Animal capitalized on this confusion to take out yet another soldier. But their own bravado reared it’s ugly head as Clan Animal made lofty shots with their old and very tenuously held together catapult. The shots fell flat giving the Rooks time to sneak in as their enemies were distracted with their machinery.

Despite some success, the Rooks were still falling short. King Colin of the Steel Throne shouted out orders to his troops, but his equal partner Queen Christi of Culver Bay pointed out that in all his bellowing he was giving away their secrets. He had had a bit too much mead with breakfast that morning.

As the Rooks ran low on troops, their final effort came from the sky. Their bravest page Page Aaron of Tallingwood secretly untied one of their reserve dragons, hopped on it’s back, took off over the battlefield towards his enemies and threw himself from the back of the dragon to air attack Sir Snatchinton of Syracuse. As he landed atop of his target, his team cheered for his bravery. Despite Sir Snatchington’s cries of foul play, the Rooks cheered Page Aaron’s tactics, but Page Aaron knew his honor was at stake and could not allow jeering to take that away from him. He knew his blow was not enough and kneeled before Sir Snatchington knowing his efforts fell just short of turning the tides of battle. Sir Snatchington tossed his weaponry to me, Lady Joanna of Chandler as I plunged our flag into the ground announcing our victory.

Despite the blood shed and the stories that arose from battle, the real story comes from the two sides coming together to form a peace at the local pub. It was here that the most epic of allegiances was created. The desire to stake mutual victory to the record of most recaps submitted for one game. It may not be easy, and it may be a fool’s errand, but only together can the two clans find honor in their collective adventures.

Sounds like somebody is ready to write recaps for this year’s Summer of Thrones.

Record successful attained.  Congratulations all.

By the way, is it wrong the first thing I took out of this recap is that Christi lives in Culver City?  I did not know that.  We’re inviting you out next time we go to Motor Club or Boardwalk 11 Christi.  (I just formatted nine recaps within the last five hours at work, I get to make drinking plans.)

I also am surprised Jo didn’t call Snatch “Sir He Who Shall Not Be Named”.  Did you know that there already IS a Sir Snatchington?  Check it out.

Wow.  9 recaps.  There’s a cat joke somewhere in there but I’m too tired to make it.  If you made it all the way to the end, I applaud your resiliency.  If you made it all the way to the end and you don’t play for either Rooks or Animal Style, I want to know who you are in the comments section cause you are now my hero.


  • Nate

    February 12, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    Now this. THIS is what league is ABOUT


  • Mark

    February 12, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Does it count if I skimmed the longer ones?


  • Reed

    February 12, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    Andy Bandit, your word count commenting on the 9 recaps more than adds up to a full recap. I’m gonna consider your contribution the 10th recap in this whole epic anthology.


  • Castro

    February 12, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    very productive Tuesday at work reading 9 recaps


  • Drew Conley

    February 12, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    Checking in to see how my team did and I got way more than i bargained for.


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    February 12, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    I’m not even playing winter league and I read all of this… college is clearly a productive time


  • Alison Regan

    February 12, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    I didn’t want to read the whole thing – I was just curious – so I took a look – and then I couldn’t stop.


  • Steph

    February 12, 2019 at 11:48 pm

    Now I desperate want to play both these teams simultaneously – can we get a Rooks-Animal-Party-Game, Dan?


  • Jeni Kwok

    February 12, 2019 at 11:55 pm

    Shorter than the novel(s) I’m reading. Comments for each recap, noice Andy!


  • Julie G

    February 13, 2019 at 9:01 am

    Also not playing WL and was also curious based on the clickbait Facebook post. Nicely done with all the recaps and commentary.


  • Liverpool

    February 14, 2019 at 2:33 pm

    Thanks for tearing me away from my desk job for this one. I particular enjoyed the True Lies face punch gif. At least I think that’s True Lies.


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