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Lights are going out promptly at 10.  Be aware.  Check out what happened in the Rooks game, that Christi Betz recaps:

Last night was another close one. We traded points with Misfits until they pulled ahead to take half 8-5. Then Rooks took the first two points out of half to get 8-7. At about 9:52 we were tied at 9s and Misfits scored to take the lead. Rooks got one throw off on the next point and then the lights went out.

Misfits even beat us in numbers at the bar. But in true Rooks fashion, we closed it down. So that still counts as a win in my book. No karaoke videos this time though. Apparently my team is shy…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Shout out to the Misfit ladies who started off savage and then got one sub partway through the game! And another shout out to Derek on Rooks for running all over the field D’ing shit left and right. There was one point where he got at least 4 D’s. (It was definitely a long one.)

Due to lights, really shortened that game.  A reminder to get there on time.

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