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A crazy Tuesday night.  Lance Iliev from Kapow! will give a little insight into some of the shenanigans that went on last night:

Welcome back to the first Tuesday of winter league! First off, thank you to everyone who shows up to every game, ya’ll be the best!

Now that that is out of the way, 2018 was a sad year for Eddie from the Rooks, as when he asked me about our tallest player, I had to bring the disappointing news that he was not playing. However 2019 sees the return or Travis Hayden to KAPOW! and also Mark Baker, who will be assisting me with recaps, but did not attend the game tonight. Other team news includes the introduction of 6 winter league rookies, 1 of which was a complete beginner of Ultimate the week before Christmas. We are looking forward to an exciting season, win or lose, we are all ready to have fun! Good luck everyone!

Tonight the Rooks received the first pull, but started down 3 points as KAPOW! started out hot with some good defense. That first point was long, but they started speeding up, after the first 6 points, score was tied 3-3. KAPOW! led the shootout for the rest of the first half, only to watch the Rooks take the lead 8-7 to end the half.

The second half of the game started really late at about 9:30 PM. KAPOW! came out strong the first 3 points, and Bobby Aholt earning a bookends for one of those. The excitement on the field for the second half saw the Rooks pull ahead 12-10, the score being tied at 13’s, and then Rory Glenn of KAPOW! threw a high pass to Travis Hayden to finish off the game 15-13.

The action around the field tonight was much more interesting. Out of nowhere, pylons went missing, cones were kicked, and also thrown. I mean, my pylons and cones have not seen this much action for years. After some investigation, and looking through the crowds of players, and runners, it turns out some young hoodlums were the fault. After some arguments, and chasing them around, they left… no wait. They’re back. And our equipment went missing again. And then the cops came, and the kids were nowhere in site. And then the cops left, and the kids returned. And then we started placing players to guard the cones, and to put those kids at bay. We started getting scared about not having enough time, or not being able to sub out players quickly, and it was all because of those meddling kids! But luckily and thankfully the lights stayed on, and we were able to finish our game.

Good game to Colin and Christi and the Rooks, it was great seeing you guys back on the field tonight! Special thanks tonight goes to Brock Jensen, Captain of Scoober Divers, the other Santa Clarita team, for coming to support and assist coaching us tonight. And good luck everyone this winter league!

You tease us with a Mark Baker half-cap and then there’s no Mark Baker.  When will it end?

Here’s another recap.  From Cuda:

As a completely neutral third party, here is what happened in the Rooks opening game of the 2019 season against Kapow! last night.

Kapow! came out strong and scored the first two points of the game, but they were kind of long points, so the Rooks had hope. Something happened and next thing I knew I was in charge of scoring, and that the game was tied at 3s. Christi Betz was responsible (for two of those points at least).

It was back and forth a bit, and then Kapow! was up, 7-5. (Which is not taking half. Because half is at 8. Christi Betz did not know this was the case. She is the Rooks captain.) Then something amazing happened — Rooks took half. Radka was just a beast on D, and the team started to flow. It was beautiful to witness.

Coming out of the half, Kapow! dominated. I can only remember the names Travis, who is super tall and knows how to both throw and catch, and Colleen, who got a sick hand block. There was a point when Kapow! blocked a Rooks hammer. It was doing things like that that gave them the lead. Kapow! got a turn on their own end line, and they called a timeout. Interesting strategy.

Colin rallied the troops, but I did come up with the cheer, and that was when Rooks started scoring. We went on a bit of a run, all the way up to 12-10. Jordan had a sweet hammer to Aaron in the endzone. Radka (the only rookie on Rooks) was throwing scores left and right, making it look easy. And Butters also scored, and she was having a great hair day. Things were just looking up. Colin even ran down a deep shot, slid to catch the disc, popped right up and got the continue to Derek (or maybe it was Daryl? I couldn’t see…) in the endzone. What movement from that man. So graceful.

And then Rooks got a little too excited, and Kapow! started coming back. I could blame the punk kids wrecking havoc, but that was only minor. We just had victory in our reach, and couldn’t quite finish it. Kapow! won 15-13.

But this is just Game 1. Just you watch out for the tournament. And Mary Mary is now professional-level ukelele player. The team is looking very promising this year.

Christi, Christi, Christi.  How many winter leagues?  Captaining is hard.  😛

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