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Everyone’s eyeballs must’ve been burning from Tuesday’s 9 recaps on one game.  Yesterday we got no recaps.  There was some clear downtime to let your eyeballs cool off.

We’re back, and who better to start off with than Stephanie Hicks from After Party:

Bueller? Bueller?


We were riding the momentum of scoring 11 points against Squirrels last week.

Goddamnit autocorrect, it’s SQUIRTLES!

I think we might have only scored 10 and they were being nice to us. But we did play very well under pressure. Great job last week.

Neither Chris or I remember to email the team this week.

Chris gets one heart. I get none. I see how it is After Party.

Chris actually has a busy job, fucking CURING cancer while I am just busy being a glorified typer monkey. Which isn’t the best excuse. So I decided to get my shit together while watching the Bachelor Monday night, and do some research on our opponent Boost It! I realize I know ZERO people from their team. Sigh.

SIDE NOTE: It’s fun to see so many new teams out there this year. Yay growth!

Luckily Sam Kelley had subbed for them and gave us a scouting report. Thanks Sam. Ok, so aforementioned typer-monkey-job kept me late and I showed up to game last night after half, which we had taken 8-1.

….Oh, did you think I was going to give you my insider info on Boost It? HELL NO! You can send your own ladies in as spies!

Bama was there, which made my week. Because if you know Bama, his presence has that affect. I fucking love that dude. Fun story. 100% unrelated to last night’s game. It was Bama’s birthday around the time of the Winter League party last year — and he partied hard at the bar. As I was walking through the side hallway by the bathrooms, I passed Bama JUST as puke started to POUR out of his mouth BEFORE he reached the bathroom. Like, he looked like he was saying “hi Steph” but instead of words, PUKE came out. It was EPIC. Bama might have emailed the team a poem recapping it.

I started my night by playing a point with both Bama and Johnny Lam, both of whom I’ve yet to play with all season. Yay! We scored. (I think…?) I’m pretty sure I did not contribute, which is fine.

….Oh, did you think I was going to share Bama’s pukey poem? HELL NO! You can get your own drunk Shakespearean teammates!

I think we won 15-2. Boost It! asked to become our Valentines (awesome cheer). We accepted. And then we mixed up and played pick-up, which was SO FUN!! Except the part where I ended up splayed on the ground in the end zone getting laughed at.

…Oh did you think I was gonna tell the story of how Kalicki had fouled me so I wouldn’t score on him? HELL NO! You can write your own recap trash talking your teammates!!!!!

Seriously though. Last night was a lot of fun. So is yelling Boost It! And even better is the story behind the name Boost It!

Then this happened. I wasn’t there.

…Oh did you think I was going to tell you the story behind Boost It!’s name? HELL NO! You can go make friends with Jeremy and hear it yourself!!!!

And then I attempted to get someone to write this recap. But instead Chris just started discussing how cute Jack is.

I’m thinking there should be a LAOUT award for the cutest frisbee kid. Jack would be a strong contender. Although he wasn’t too happy about getting photo bombed by Card.


All the things you said you weren’t going to say are literally all the things I want to know.  Especially how Boost It got their name.  I hope it’s a good story, and it’s not “someone yelled Boost It one time and everyone laughed”.  But I feel like in order for Stephanie, a writer, to say the story is good, the story must be really good.

There are some pretty good contenders out there for cutest kid, but I hesitate to say any of them for fear of forgetting someone else’s kid.  I will invariably do that.

Meanwhile, unfortunately the bottom screen shots didn’t include the hearts for Jack’s photos.

And Drea’s back!!!  Woo hoo!

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  • Steph

    February 14, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    I’m surprised there’s been no desire to hear Bama’s poem. Truly the best buried gem of the recap.


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