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Boost It!


Almost there.  One more night to go.  After tonight, it’s the tournament.  Weather will be perfect.  Very much looking forward to it.  So here’s one of the last recaps of the year, from Sonja Roden of Tarmac:

Ahh our final game of Winter League and there was a little confusion, on our part, as to which field we were playing on. It really wasn’t that confusing we just didn’t know that there was another field behind the main one. Anyway we walked ALLLL the way over there, it wasn’t actually that far, to meet up with Boost It. We have managed to play pink all season so w

Bomb Doggie!!! Sorry I got distracted and had to take a break to pet the puppy.

We had a great game with them, trading points for most of it. They only had 3 women last night and those 3 women killed it! Emily, I’m pretty sure that is her name, was getting Ds like it was her job. The game ended, we cheered for each other and then, AND THEN Boost decided to share some Krispy Kreme with us! Oh the torture, a small piece of my heart broke off as I looked at those donuts that were just begging to be in my belly. I had to look at those poor sweet donuts in the eyes and tell them to go away, that they were stupid and I didn’t want them. It really was my own personal John Lithgow moment. I barely escaped and what should appear but another Boost It player with cookies. You’re killing me Smalls…more food I can’t eat because my body is stupid and it hates me. I’m sooo hungry EmojiEmoji. Give me all the gluten! (Andy, you choose the gif, I can’t decide)

Doug decided to play tonight to see if he was healthy enough to play this weekend, He ran for a goal and that was when his body said “lay down, you are done.” So we will be sans Doug this weekend. On the plus side there was big ol’ pile of ice on the sideline that we bagged up for him to use. It was the good eating ice too. We were lame and didn’t go the bar last night.

Side note, we managed to play in our pink all season so we may not have won a ton of actual games but we won where it really matters, never having to switch jerseys.

Oh and hey today is the last day you can sign up for ST PAT’S HAT!! DO IT!
For those who don’t know it is St Paddy’s Day not Patty.

I choose the middle gif.  Was that right?  I feel like I misunderstood that.

Sonja was legitimately hungry last night.  She said so several times, and then moaned to players on other teams that were walking across the street about it.  It was kinda funny.

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