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Sonja Roden’s recap didn’t provide a score.  But she did say it was between 15-7 and 15-9 so I’m splitting the difference here.

Good morning starshine, the earth says hello! When I first typed that sentence I accidentally typed hellp instead of hello and I almost left it because, well, duh. Last night Tarmac played Misfits and the whole night I kept singing We’re a Couple of Misfits from Rudolph in my head. If you don’t know that song I am saddened for your childhood.

Last night’s game was fun. Some people caught the disc, some people dropped the disc. Carissa had a nice sneaky little grab in the end zone, Stickers had 2 sweet catches in the end zone (one was a huge layout and freaking amazeballs). There were “interesting” throws and some great ones, Jim had a huge huck that was awesome and Johnny let the chicken wing fly. Misfits’ men were on point with the run through Ds and their women were killer playing savage. Listen, everyone did great stuff last night I don’t remember it all or really any of the specifics but good job to all.

This is not a drunk recap, it’s a 7am at work recap but based on all the typos you would assume I am very intoxicated right now. Good thing I proofread these things. FYI – there is a new St Pat’s Hat challenge in the video for today. If you want to see me make a bigger fool of myself than normal sign up for SPH! Also you have until Friday to get the cheap registration price before it goes up! So if you like to have fun while playing ultimate SIGN UP!

OK, get back to work ya filthy animals.

Clearly I signed up too soon for St. Pat’s Hat.  I can’t unsign and then resign to count towards the 25, can I?

Here’s my top 10 choices for awkward songs to make Sonja sing if 25 people sign up for her challenge:

10) Baby, Justin Bieber

9) My Humps, Black Eyed Peas

8) My Milkshake, Kelis

7) It’s Getting Hot in Here, Nelly

6) I Touch Myself, the Divinyls

5) I Just Had Sex, the Lonely Island

4) Big Balls, AC DC

3) Gangnam Style, doing all of the dance moves

2) Happy Birthday Mr. President, in full Marilyn Monroe voice.

1) The Chicken Dance.  All by herself.  In Thies’ chicken costume.

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  • Jim

    February 20, 2019 at 12:45 pm

    Adam Sandler – at a medium pace


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