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Lunch Break


Well how about that?  Lunch Break is the first team to get to 5 wins.  They were several teams at 4, but Lunch Break’s turnaround season has them reaching the number of marriage just in time for Valentine’s Day.  (I bet you didn’t know 5 was the number of marriage.  I didn’t either until I just looked it up now.)

Lunch Break’s Robbie Adler bring us the tale of last night’s victory:

In the immortal words of Snoopy, “It was a dark and stormy night.” Well, not so much stormy as drizzly and misty. And we did have lights, so really that line doesn’t fit at all. I was a little nervous going into the night as our amazing co-captain Adair was AWOL on the slopes and one of our best broke her hand playing last week in the frigid LA temps. The cold makes those bones brittle. BUT! I had nothing to fear. Co-captain Sean stepped up and led us like a bunch of lemmings right over the cliff of victory. (Bad analogy?) He warmed us up with a great talk about zone D and we took the field.

Maybe we should have warmed up with some throws, too, as we quickly threw the disc away and lost the first point. Now here is where the wet weather comes in. I have very little in the way of notes so I’m just gonna give a rundown with what I have. And for brevity’s sake since we’ve had some marathon recaps (which I’ve loved) I’m not even going to use full sentences. So here are the highlights I remember in order of memory:

Bar super fun and most of us stayed past our arbitrary curfew.
Dow had a good hand block that looked painful.
Talia kept eye on disc after pop up D for the score and I learned she rides horses. That’s so cool.
Our ladies all night long!
Jason made a great diving catch for our first point.
Hucking in the rain is hard.
Zone was thrown
Cierra played every point with no rest like a beast.
“Where the F is Becca” halftime cheer actually worked and Becca showed up and scored.
David from Misfits was all over the place including the ground after Bree clocked him one while in the air.
Tony from Misfits broke his glasses laying out for the disc but that didn’t stop him from running like the flash.
Halftime us 8-6.
Final us 15-7!

It was a spirited game and I’m excited for the challenges in our future. I close with a tribute to you all on this Valentine’s Day. I love Ultimate and playing with you all. Our community rocks.

Yikes, Tony broke his glasses on a play?  That must suck.  Did he have back-up glasses?  Or did he play the rest of the game with blurred vision?  These are the kinds of things I wanna know.

And how you conjured up Becca by cheering.

You know, lemmings get a bad rap.  “It’s a complete urban legend,” said state wildlife biologist Thomas McDonough. “I think it blew out of proportion based on a Disney documentary in the ’50s, and that brought it to the mainstream.”  Poor lemmings.  Forever ruined by Disney.  (Hardly the first or last to ever say that.)  I should stop doing Disney shade, I’m about to work for them in a couple weeks.

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