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Lunch Break
Plenty of Boba in the Tea


I love rookie recaps.  Always good to get new blood into the fold.  Even if that new blood is old blood. 😛  (I can say that, cause we’re almost the same age.)  Here’s Robbie Adler of Lunch Break with his debut:

I’ve always wanted to write a recap, but I have a brain like a sieve and can never remember anything that happens. So with pad and pen in hand, I came prepared this week. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for the bitter cold. Yes, it was only in the low 50s, but this is LA and that is equivalent to negative 20 in the Midwest. Our hands were freezing, the disc was slow and heavy, and if you sat out one point on the sideline, you were instantly iced. Which hopefully explains the pace of our game.

Now, I took a lot of notes on who threw to whom and who scored what, but I think I can sum up the game with some lyrics from the Byrds 1965 classic, “To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn turn turn”. Just substitute a few throws for “To everything” and “there is a season” and you get the idea. We begin on D and immediately pull OB. Not the start we wanted. But we get a turn. Then we give a turn. Get. Give. Get. Give. After 6 total turns and a marathon first point, Boba scores first point jamming it upline. At least our force worked. 2nd point had only 2 turns before DC threw a bullet hammer crossfield to Dom for our first score. Already the game was more exciting than the Super Bowl. Tsui makes a great hand block to force a turn on the third point, but we give it right back and then take it back with a D by Dow and follow it up with another score. We are up 2-1, twenty minutes have gone by and my hands are getting numb from holding my pad and pen with no gloves. But I persevere; this is for posterity after all.

Another 6 turn point and they score. More turns. We call a TO, actually make a plan and deliver that plan for a score. Very exciting. Then 4 more turns and Dom gets a Callahan. Woot! We score another by playing great defense to cause a turn and then chip it in the corner to Talia for our 3rd in a row. I feel the time is right for me to put the pen down and go in. Boba scores. Back to taking notes. More turns. They score again. More turns, more scores. We take half 8-6 with only 30 minutes left until lights out.

At this point I give up keeping track. My fingers are blue and it really is just too much work. Let’s just say our women ruled the second half. They were always getting open, and really allowed us to move the disc down field. We had more marathon points that equalled our first, but neither team ever gave up more than the 6 turns. We got a little extra time in, but, as expected by our late halftime, lights went out on us ending the game 12-9. Lunch Break wins. Shout out to Boba for some speedy players and really making us work for every point. I’d single some people out by name, but I didn’t know anyone, and, weirdly, we each stuck to our sidelines. Despite the dark, we gave our spirit cheers, and Boba even gave us their namesake drink. First class all the way. Ok. Now I need to sit by the fire and warm my old bones up.

It was definitely cold last night.  I can confirm, playing on the other field near theirs.  I don’t understand all this winter in wintertime.  Be summer!

I’ve been there with the taking notes in really cold weather.  You really need some self-heating gloves to pull that off.  Amazon’s got a whole bunch of these things.

Lunch Break’s win gets them to 4-1, matching Kapow and TBD.  It’s yet another team that’s completely outplaying their previous season, when they went 2-5 with a couple of ties.  It’s possible all this is happening because we have a few new teams in the league, but it’s still really cool to see these turnarounds.

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