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Lunch Break
Boost It!


I’ve failed at the most important part of captaining so far this season, delegating recap duties to someone else. So it looks like you’re stuck with me.

It was a beautiful night at Culver with a late start around 820. We had the pleasure of playing Boost It, one of the new teams to Winter League this year. While they lack league experience they make up for it with speed. Their guys were flying all over the place including Matt getting a layout D on me on a swing. After many marathon points with lots of drops, bad throws, and great D’s by both teams Lunch Break took half at 8-5.

We talked about playing cleaner offense at half and came out more focused. The final was 15-8 Lunch Break. We were helped out by a few controversial calls  going our way (in/out and fouls) and their ladies getting gassed due to lack of numbers (they had 4 we had 6). Boost It was a fun team to play and when they get all their people are going to be really good.

Special birthday shout out to Eric Brach (don’t believe Facebook, it’s the 31st not the 30th)! Chuck, Jason, and I went snowboarding with him all day at Mt High which I’m going to blame for my lack of speed and ability last night.

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