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On a day that started off dreary, showed some powerful rain and thunder, and finished off with a mildly decent clear night sky, the Misfits met against KAPOW! for the first time. Though they could have been misfit for each other, their 2-1 season so far said otherwise. 

KAPOW! was the first team on the field ready to play, but HOLY CANNOLI BATMAN! Did Misfits just start the game up 2 points?

Surely those in orange would not be out done so easily, as bookends from Cameron Dalke and Jay Newman would keep us in the game, bring the score to 3-2 them.

Tied at 4’s, and coming out of a time out, the Misfits would lead the rest of the first half 8-6.

The second half of the game saw the points being kept close. Colleen Ortega from KAPOW! would not only manage to earn some great D’s, but have an amazing sliding catch for a score, Misfits still leading 12-10.

A few points later, our Andrew LeMaster would also have an amazing layout-bobble catch to close the gap, KAPOW! still trailing 12-13.

The game was on the line, we could come back…


Misfits fires a high pass to their receiver to end it, and we were not able to bring in the D.

Overall, Misfits came out a solid team with very few mistakes. And a shout out to their 3 women for playing in savage mode all night!

We are not down on our first loss this season. We played hard and have a few things to work on in practice. Thanks for the great game, and good luck for the rest of the season.

Also, I have this disc that one of your players left on the field. To recover it, please call 867-53o9 (or just pick it up from me at the tournament if you can remember).

Recap from Misfits side, from Patrick Miller:

The signs pointed to this being a good game as the two teams were actually able to start on-time by ultimate standards; 8:10. Misfits got out to a hot start with a couple huck connections for scores. Kapow answered right back and tied the game at 3s with opportune passes immediately after forcing turns. From there the two teams traded points with Misfits taking a 8-6 half. The Misfits ladies were savage throughout the game, but unfazed at halftime, managing to keep up with their matchups on defense and score several goals on offense. Special shoutout to Erica, who made multiple one handed grabs and showcased being chilly with the disc on offense, a skill the Misfits have yet to perfect.

The second half remained a heated battle with mini-runs being made by each team in turn. Bobby, #93 on Kapow, proved especially unstoppable as he netted scores, assists, and a multitude of touches as a handler. Misfits adapted their play to contain the Kapow handlers in the second half by running a zone, with the 1-3-2-1 being the most effective. After using this zone to score several consecutive points, Kapow was able to find some success against it, capped with a layout grab for a score by one of theur ladies behind the deep-deep. With misfits leading 14-13 and time running short, David managed to sky his defender on an assist from Tony to seal the game. Both teams rejoiced in what was an excellent matchup and hard fought game. While there were a couple contentious calls, spirits remained high throughout. After above average cheers, the teams proceeded to the bars. The inevitable re-match is highly anticipated…

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