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Whiskey Discs


After coming off a game that we lost to lights, we were really looking forward to this week. Or at least I was. Maybe I shouldn’t speak for the whole team. But then maybe someone else should volunteer to write a recap…

We knew we were up against a brand new team that didn’t have a lot of playing experience. It was like Rooks playing the Rooks of 7 years ago.

So we get the sideline music going, and quickly realized we had nearly our entire team at this game. Meanwhile, Whiskey Discs had 4 men and 4 women. A few more trickled in after the start of the game, but Rooks clearly had a numbers advantage.

Rooks starts on defense and Whiskey Discs scores first. Then we tied at ones. And then we tied at twos. And then Whiskey Discs scores again!

Whiskey had been playing a poachy/zone-ish defense that was causing mass confusion on the Rooks side when there was a turnover and leaving their players wide open. Colin wasn’t having any of it though so he brought the Dad voice out and called a time out.

After our talking-to, Rooks finally remembered how to play ultimate and went on a 6 run streak to take half 8-3. In the end, Rooks took the game 15-5.

It was a great win for sure, but we’re all too familiar with being on the other side of those numbers. Special shout outs to Shelly on Whiskey Discs who burned me into the endzone for a nice score, and their blue shorts guy for his sweet deep looks throughout the game. Whiskey was a great team to play with and had good chemistry between their players. Everyone was utilized and everyone touched the disc!
I’d say we won the bar too since we had our best attendance probably ever, and we were the ONLY team to show up, but I think the true bar winners go to the birthday party group that dominated karaoke. They were clearly on a run and couldn’t be stopped because we didn’t even try to sign up for a song. Better luck next time…
But, hey, ROOKS WON A GAME!!


  • Grant

    January 31, 2019 at 11:39 pm

    Heck yeah! Well done Rooks! And welcome to the LAOUT community Whiskey Discs! See you at the bar. Can somebody make sure they know about recaps and that they can write them as well?!


    • Christi

      February 1, 2019 at 7:57 am

      Yes! I let them know about the recaps and the facebook page. Hopefully they’ll jump in!


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