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TBD v.2


This was an exciting game.  On the one hand, you had the 4-0 TBD team, playing at an insanely high level, keeping all their opponents to single digits, and killing their previous season where they went 1-5 with a tie.  On the other hand, the two-time defending champion Skeeter was coming in at 1-3.  A team on the rise vs. a team on a slippery slope.  Would TBD be able to pull it out?  Well, the 8 of you who responded to the one-day poll were split 4-4.  Not the greatest sample size in the world, but interesting nonetheless.  So how did it go?  We have TBD’s Greta Becker, back from Iceland, to dish out the scoop:

TBD was hyped for this game. We were getting to play an A level team and we really didn’t want to disappoint ourselves…or our fans. Because we really do this for you, you keep us going.

It was a wee bit windy when we arrived at Rancho, the parking lot was flooded, and a lot of TBD players weren’t wearing their tie dye. WHY TBD WHY. Anyway, TBD was first on the line, ready to go. Skeeter was looking a little thin player wise, but don’t let that fool you – they’re super duper athletic. They’re all probably the type to warm up with a “quick” half marathon.

TBD scores first, Dylan throws to Cory against Skeeter’s zone D (damn you wind). The second point turns into a marathon point and Skeeter, in their wise ways, calls a time out. You can see how this game is going to be with just this call on the SECOND point of the game. There were a lot of fast turns and long points. Skeeter took the second point.

Xnads almost scored until Daniel jinxed him on the sideline and yelled at him to jump (or don’t jump) and Xnads did whatever Daniel said and dropped the disc. Daniel, that’s a shot of your least favorite liquor. But it’s okay, because Xnads scores from a throw from Dylan, then Dylan throws another score to Xnads. I’m starting to think there’s a budding field bromance coming about, and I’m here for it. Dylan is now part of all three of our points.

Skeeter scores some points, there’s one where their zone killed it and another where they toed it in (athleticism!) Eli had a super nice layout catch, I for sure didn’t think he’d come up with it, but yooooo, nice. Skeeter plays fast, they take advantage of turns quickly and they really don’t like to take any extra time that might let the defense set up. They have some really nice hucks as well – look out for those high schoolers – they’re fast and full of energy. Remember what that was like? To never get tired from running?

TBD had a couple unfortunate turns, two points in a row – we’re defeating ourselves and getting in our heads, but we never give up. Half is taken from a score caught after a pick was called – but the pick didn’t affect the play. 8-4.

I think Skeeter takes the first point out of half, but TBD scores right back with a super irresponsible hammer throw from Cory (no surprise here) to guess who!? Dylan. At some point it becomes 11-6 and TBD is like, guys, c’mon let’s prove ourselves – and we score, Ilian to Phil and TBD had some swanky lookin D! There’s another super long point and Skeeter scores with a huck to Danny. Dylan throws to Eggs (?) – who is that?? Kyle throws to Skyline, who had BOOKENDS, HELL YEAH. He skied Danny, sorry Danny – had to include it. But to be fair to Danny, I think he scored a lot.

Unfortunately, TBD couldn’t make it happen this time, Skeeter took the game 15-8 – but don’t worry we’re a determined bunch.

Shout out to Skeeter’s ladies – you all make dope cuts and rock it. Also shout out to Papa who had a sick game…and I guess to Dylan for being directly a part of 5 of our 8 points.

Funny that the words super irresponsible and Cory are in the same sentence.

I also want to know who Eggs is.  And can Eggs and Bacon please play on the same team? And then someone needs to be named Toast.  Do we have any volunteers?

Speaking of nicknames, spellcheck is clocking in some serious overtime hours every time Greta writes the word Xnads.

And can’t believe I didn’t hear a word about how Iceland was.  When do we get our Iceland recap?


  • Greta

    February 6, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I’ll work on the Iceland recap, it might take the form a photo album on Facebook.


  • Cory

    February 6, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    Eggs = X-nads

    We did a whole cheer last week that would have cleared all this up, but you decided to bail on our game, Greta.


    • Greta

      February 7, 2019 at 3:01 pm

      I hate you. <3


  • Dan Perahya

    February 10, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    I can be toast. It’s a great representation of my athleticism.


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