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I’m here with your obscure fact of the day.  Are you ready?  This is truly unimportant but I’m gonna slap you with it anyway.

Retro vs. Rooks is only the 3rd alliterative match-up of the year.  Following Animal Style / After Party and Scoober Divers / Sky Life.

There’s only one more scheduled.  Scoober Divers vs. Skeeter on the last day of the season.  Fitting.

Don’t you feel just .01% more enlightened?

And now, something more substantive.  Here’s Jessica Creamer of Retro with the narrative of last night’s contest:

It was cold AF, yet Greta wore shorts and a t-shirt and balled it up like it was 70 and sunny.

The Rooks waited patiently while Retro trickled in slowly between 8-8:15. They ran some drills to warm up and it showed when they came out hot in the first five points taking us 4-1 before we even had a chance to realize we were playing a game. We took a timeout to regroup and refocus. Thankfully it worked (plus Billz showed up with a smile like the goddamn sun to shake everyone out of their funk) and we started converting Ds.

Lots of zone was played.The Rooks really tested our ability to maintain a cup with fast handler movement and clutch over-the-top shots from Colin, Bryan, Kale, and Mary.

Spirits were high on both teams, even in the face of some real bad leadership on my part when I miscounted the gender ratio and tried to stop the action mid-point lol. Thankfully, the confusion did not benefit us because we turned it over on a deep shot and gave the disc to the Rooks. I really should invest in some contacts or maybe Rec Specs. New lewk?

Meg with a layout D (gold pants!)
Brooking with a trailing-edge grab in the endzone while toeing the line
Julia skying a dude for a score (while avoiding the pile of vomit)
Adam with the layout score
Monkey with a sliding catch on the line to keep the disc in play
Alison with a clutch breakmark flick in the endzone
Spencer with booookeeennnddddsss
Peebs breaking ankles to score

Overall a real fun game against a real fun team.

I love recaps because I always learn something new.  Rec Specs.  I’m sure that’s probably all the rage, but honestly I’ve never heard of that before, and now that’s all I want, even though I don’t wear protective eyewear.

I’m sorry, I misspoke.  It’s not the Rec Specs I want.  It’s the Rex Specs that came up on the search.

And not for my dog.  I want them.

Greta, do you not have a thermostat?  I started freezing just reading that.  I think it’s the red hair.  It must have some warming properties.

Meanwhile, Retro started out 0-5 and I was like, how are they possibly gonna win B Division this year, like they always do, and sure enough.  Two in a row.  And I bet they win their final 2 games of the season and they somehow find the off-road path to B.  Destiny cannot be stopped.  Destiny’s Child can be stopped but not Destiny.

Also Rex Specs cannot be stopped.

And now, from the other side of the outcome, here’s Colin Whitman of the Rooks:

Another round of MADGIFS, this time smaller and more manageable for everyone. Guest Gifer: Christi Betz

Last night was a tale of two games. It was the best of times, it was the wor– “not as bad as it’s been in the past” of times. Fighting the cold, your mighty Rooks rocketed out of the gate and blanked Retro, 3-0. That’s when I showed up and looked around like


Retro called a timeout, but the Rooks yelled out


and battled to 4-2 with great flow from all the Rooks and a dominating performance by Devore. But then Retro wanted to spin things right, right, round, round, and busted out their fearsome Zone D

(dealer’s choice).

Which we promptly shredded with the help of our newest Rook, Stephanie. 5-2

The Rooks party came to a close as Retro rattled off 6 straight to take half. The zone was good, but our fundamentals were


We tightened up as the game progressed, but were never able to settle in. And when the game ended at 15-6, Christi sighed and said,


But all in all, it was a good game! And the Rooks played well despite the unforced errors, and happily I think this was the first time a team changed defensive tactics to actually affect the game against us. Oh we’ve had zone thrown on us, but only by teams who were leading 10-2… the improvement is real, y’all.

Also, the Rooks won the bar….AGAIN. I haven’t been in attendance every week, but I’m willing to bet that we’re undefeated. So, here’s my selected gif

Is he really angry or really happy?  Could go either way.  I’m mostly impressed his shirt stays tucked.  What is your secret Armani?

That little girl parking the trike into that spot is money.

Winona Ryder reminds me I recently saw a musical parody of Stranger Things, and the woman playing the Winona Ryder character kept stealing things from guests’ tables.  Clever.

Rooks’ final game is against one of the teams Colin implied is the new Rooks: Whiskey Discs.  If Rooks wins they will have more wins this season than in their entire previous six year history combined.

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