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We have two recaps for last night’s games.  I’m a little under the weather today, and will probably be leaving work early, so I’ll get right to the recaps without prologue.  Here’s Joanna Targaryen:

It was Monday and Lady Buster dared to send a raven to Dragonstone asking Queen Joanna First of her name, Breaker of marks, Mother of baked goods, Leader of the draft picks, to watch after her house cat. The irony of a fish keeping a cat as a pet was not lost. Being a friend to all creatures, she graciously agreed in the hopes of having yet another loyal subject for when she takes the iron throne. But then another, more ratty raven came in with a message of rebellion. Well the rightful queen of the seven kingdoms could not let this slide without sending a message of her own:

The night of battle fell upon the houses. The ultimate ambassador, Queen Joanna, donning her family’s traditional garb spoke to the stewards of the land asking for them to light all four of their torches as they did in the past. The rebellious Balboans refused to give more than two to the invading armies. They will regret that once Drogon is fully grown, but for now the queen accepted their “generosity” as a show of good faith.

Battle started with a cheer of “FIRE AND BLOOD!” as all good Targaryens do and the frontlines advanced. Points were traded, gopher holes were avoided, throws were long, and discs were dropped. The newly formed armies were still getting their battle legs under them. Cries from Lady Margo of House Schaffer (pledged to both House Targaryen and House Tully) were heard as she agonized over the rift in her family.

The strategy of 6v6 took some getting used to. There was much more room to run, but also less people to fill in when choices left that space too open. Long puts were hard to keep up with because of the fear of the land beneath the soldiers’ feet. Was there wildfire beneath the topsoil? One wrong move could prove fatal, but fortunately the alleged stores were undisturbed this night.

After back and forth to get to 3-3, House Tully pulled out their water cannons and held back the fire and brimstone Targaryens rely upon. It forced Queen Joanna to allow the dragon fire to burn away her family’s historic cloth and reveal a true Targaryen (I was still clothed, don’t worry. It’s called poetic license). As the fire burned, House Tully pulled ahead to take half 8-4. Their confidence reached new depths to match the smug fish their banner depicts. They may have Sam with all his knowledge, but House Targaryen has Jon Snow, even if he doesn’t know it yet for it is only Season 1.

The Targaryens’ blood began to boil with the heat of their fiery bellies. They would not allow such humiliation from a rebellious house. You either join the rightful side or you go down in flames. Destiny is the only end. Targaryens came out on d to get a turn and a score. The mix of handlers and cutters is proving to be the best choice this house has seen in years. House Tully would not allow some baby dragons to get the best of them. They roared (blubbed?) back and brought the battle nearly to an end. Targaryens were beaten and bruised at 14-11. But here is where true Targaryen grit showed it’s teeth. Hucks started landing, short game was smooth. On one long point when the cutters had given every last bit of themselves on the field, three handlers worked up the field to prove they have more up their sleeves than scoobers. The fish were getting tired, the dragons were just getting started. Do you realize how much effort it takes to lift a body as big as a dragon? Even the babies, proportionally, still need time to get off the ground.

14-14, here was the team everyone knew was underneath the stone shells. The fire had reached peak level. The Balboans knew this battle needed to finish out and despite not telling the armies, they allowed more time on their land. The battle got to play out, both armies constantly fearing the dying of the light.

15-14 Tully, 15-15 Targaryen, 16-15 Targaryen. Last point and both teams put out their loyalist soldiers. Tall dragons were called upon to battle the giant fish. Just one turn and it could all be over, but Tully wasn’t going to let it go down that easily. It took two times of battling back before a long huck into the fading light of the torches to Sir Josue the silent but mighty to put the final dagger into the heart of the fish. Tully fought galantly, but as stated earlier by raven, fire+fish=dinner.

Now with the remaining Tully men and women thoroughly pledged to House Targaryen, the perros fuegos (as Elmo and Ruth like to refer to their house) celebrated at the bar, also proving the Targaryens are champions of socializing as well as battle. Even Nahall got a promise of shots with the bartender next week. Success for all Targaryens!

Is Jo going to recap each game by season?  That was what I got from the “Jon Snow doesn’t know it yet for it is only season 1”.  That is ambitious and amazing.  Except that there’s going to be more games this year then there were GoT seasons, so not sure how she’ll handle that.

Interesting choice with the don’t worry, I wasn’t naked line in paragraph 5.  Usually attractive women would say something like don’t get excited, I wasn’t really naked, but she went in a different direction with don’t worry.  I feel like I could really analyze that statement some more, but as I mentioned,I’m sick today so minimal commentary.  But obviously Jo knew I wasn’t gonna let that line go.

Meanwhile, fire + fish does equal dinner, and now I’m hungry.  Great.  Sick AND hungry.

Let’s move to the other recap, so I can get some lunch.  This is from Buster Tully:

The Tully’s and Targaryen’s actually have quite a bit of history dispite there being literally no interaction in the show. House Tully supported the take over of Aegon the Conqueror and when Aegon Targaryen became the King, the Tully’s were granted wardens over the Riverlands. For hundreds of years, House Tully supported the Targaryen’s. However, in more recent years, that support changed when Aerys II (the Mad King) burned Brandon and Rickard Stark alive. The eldest Tully daughter, Catelyn, was promised to Brandon, and so because of this betrayal, Lord Hoster Tully aligned with the Baratheon’s rebellion to help overthrow the Targaryen rule.

So this is the first time in a long time that House Tully came face to face with House Targaryen. There was still bad blood between the 2, and so the battle of House Tully vs House Targaryen commenced. The battle started out pretty evenly, with each house trading points back and forth. However, the tides turned in our favor as the dragon fire kept coming up short. House Tully took half 8-4.

This would not keep the Targaryen’s down though. They came back much stronger in the second half, in true dragon form. They scored the first 2 points out of half to make it 8-6. For the next few points of the battle, the two sides would again be evenly matched until, just like the first half, House Tully turned on their propellers and go up 12-8. Unfortunately, this would not last for long. House Targaryen again up’ed their game and House Tully just kept coming up short of the endzone. The battle was tied at 15-15, and House Tully just couldn’t keep up. House Targaryen won the battle at 17-15.

Shout out to House Tully though! Our team is solid. This was only our first game and despite the outcome, we built a lot of chemistry together! Like a lot of first battles, there were some misreads, missed connections, and a lot of gopher holes to avoid, but our chemistry will build and our House will only get stronger! I can’t wait for our next battle, especially since it will be on turf and not a constant look up for the disc, look down for holes, look up for the disc, look down for holes, etc.

It just didn’t turn out for House Tully this week so in true GoT form, “Sit down, Uncle.”

Until the next battle! As always, Family, Duty, Honor!

Yeah, I’m looking forward to turf as well.  I think we all our.  Except it sucks the turf fields don’t allow dogs.  That’s the one big drawback.

I love the first OT game of the year.  Universe would’ve been nicer, so work on that please.  Targaryen was my personal pre-season pick to win, so when I saw they were down 8-4 at half of their first game, I was thinking “oh no, another Lady season???”  You remember that from last year of course.  The concensus pick to win going ofer in their first 9 games.  But looks like they went 13-7 after half, and that’s more what I was expecting.


  • Buster

    June 6, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    Hey Joanna, I’m pretty sure I’m the breaker of marks. I broke you quite a few times last night 😉😆 love ya!


  • Andy Bandit

    June 6, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    Spicy!!! 🌶🌶🌶🌶


  • Joanna

    June 7, 2019 at 10:34 am

    Then how about scorer of more points? Cuz although I don’t remember all the marks I broke, I do remember scoring on ya. 😉


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