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Finally, we got to play games on a turf field.  Hallelujah!  Thought for sure it was happening Tuesday night, but they switched things up on us at the last moment, so I was cringing a little bit when I got a phone call at around 8PM last night.  I was like “shit, what happened now?” but it wasn’t about losing the turf fields.  It was about lack of access to bathrooms.  Not great obviously, but much better than what I was expecting which was that we lost access to all the fields.  So thankfully it went off MOSTLY without a hitch.  And now, here’s the first of our two recaps from last night.  Here’s Christi Tyrell:

I would just like to preface this recap by saying that when I told Thies I would write one, he said “Good, because I don’t know anything about this Lord of the Rings stuff.”
I just… like… what do you even say to that?

The Starks and the Tyrells have no bad blood between them, and we stuck to that both on and off the field. I think it was actually one of the most well-spirited games I’ve played. We were trading points all the way up to 6s and then Tyrell finally pulled ahead with a break and went on to take half 8-7.

In the second half, House Tyrell stayed chilly and just kept working it up the field. There were a couple of near close stalls, but our handlers were patient and held on to it looking for the perfect cut. We really lived up to our motto by Growing Strong to finish the game up 15-9.

Despite their retreat back to Winterfell, The Starks still had the best play of the game. I can’t remember who made the throw, but someone took a near full-field deeeep shot that looked for sure like it would die in the end zone before anyone could get to it, but Lord Scott channeled his inner John Snow running full force into a beautiful layout catch that was just this side of up. Most of the Tyrells had just stopped running and were preparing for the turnover. Lesson learned: Never underestimate a Stark.

House Tyrell held our numbers and carried our banner high as we charged into the bar with 10 of us showing up. We even got three tributes for karaoke. I can’t wait to play the rest of the season with this team!


P.S. House Martell will probably try to claim bar victory because DeVore and Average Joe were still there when Thies and I left at 1am, but is it really winning if nobody on their team sang a song? Also, I schooled Average Joe on my knowledge of cattle breeds after he claimed he knew more than the rest of us. I’m counting that as another win.

There’s an Average Joe in the league?  I don’t remember seeing that nickname on the draft sheet, so I’m curious who that is, but my best guess is it has to be Joe Kozak.

So you know what’s best about that gif?  It’s hard not to look at the woman cheering with such exuberance, but check out the guy to the left of her.  Did you notice how his face just goes from all smiles to stone cold disappointment?  Once you see it, you can’t not see it.  What just happened in that scene that wiped that grin off his face, cause she’s not reacting at all to whatever he just saw.  Now that’s all I want to know.

Well I also want to know about this Lord of the Rings stuff that Thies is talking about.

Also of note.  Christi’s win last night matched her entire season win total from last year.  So huzzah!

And now, from the losing house, this is Scott Stark:

Spoilers ahead. First one: we stunk in the 2nd half. Also, Lady Olenna killed Joffrey.

The Starks and Tyrells are generally pretty friendly with one another and this game was no exception. The spirit was high right from the start of this one despite being tight as could be throughout the first half. We were all a little unsure of how the 6v6 would impact things and boy did it. There was space everywhere and defense is a lot harder. There was only one glaring time where I noticed a man look off an open woman, but to be honest, she was open, but wasn’t a great option because she was right on the sideline. So far the 6v6 experiment was a big success and was really fun to play (note: don’t shrink the fields…we all enjoyed the space).

We opened the game by realizing that “Winter is coming” is a pretty crappy cheer. We then traded points throughout the first half with the first break not coming till the Tyrells got one on us at 6-6 and then took half 8-7. It was pretty clear early on that deep looks were going to be available for both teams with the extra space on the field and both took advantage. In not-at-all-surprising news, Lish carried the load for the Starks throughout the night and was in fine form right from the opening pull.

The second half did not mirror the first at all as the Tyrells got on a big roll and we just couldn’t match them. It wasn’t because of Seth. He was terrible. 3-4 breaks in a row right out of half had us scrambling but we eventually woke up and traded points again for a couple before they got one last break to end it at 15-9. Both teams kinda started playing softer to take away deep looks and the Tyrells did a much better job of keeping the disc moving in the short-game. Ian and Megan were great steady handlers for us all night and Ted was great throughout as well. The Tyrells are a tall, experienced team that doesn’t turn it over much and we kinda caught a case of the drops (OK, I caught a case of the drops) and it was hard to keep up.

I feel it’s important for my fellow men and women of the North to note that this game kinda mimicked the start of Game of Thrones – started out looking good for the Starks, work to do and it’s a little complicated, but OH MY GOD THEY CUT HIS HEAD OFF! Then some ups and downs but in the end the Starks wound up running the world. The Tyrells may have won the night, but we have awesome, huge fireplaces and giant freaking pet wolves.

Before heading to the bar, I would like to take this moment to remember the skin on my elbow, with which I’ve had a lot of good times over the years and it will be dearly missed.

The bar attendance was spectacular by all four teams that were out at Rancho Cienega. At one point, I counted at least 35 people and I didn’t realize at the time that there were a bunch of people out front too. 50 maybe? Amazing. Bravo to all. There was debate whether the Tyrells or Martells actually won the bar though both were impressive. You would think that the Tyrells would have learned their lesson about having the whole family assemble in the same place (especially when there are no Lannisters present), but alas, they have not. The LAOUT karaoke representation was strong, probably highlighted by a haunting rendition of “Zombie” by Christi.

No video?  Rookies.

I’m definitely interested to hear things like “don’t shrink the field for 6v6, we liked the space”.  That’s helpful moving forward.  Although I will say that for weeks 3 and 4, we’ll be at this new turf field in Van Nuys / Sherman Oaks, and due to a mix up where they double booked us with another group, we get screwed yet again, and we can now only get one of the two turf fields they have.  So we have no choice but to try and fit two ultimate fields within one of those turf soccer fields, and it’s gonna be tight.  I walked it off and it looks like 33 yards wide with no sideline between the two fields.  But it’s only for two weeks, and then starting in July it’s all Sepulveda Basin and Rancho Cienega.

What a difference a year makes.  I mentioned above that Christi’s win matched her win total all of last season.  Well Scott’s loss matched his loss total all of last season.  Who saw that coming?


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    June 7, 2019 at 11:29 am



  • Stephen

    June 7, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    the “lord of the rings” comment was conveniently funny slip of the tongue. I’ve actually seen the LOTR trilogy, and the Hobbit, and read both as well. But I still know nothing about the GoT stuff… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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