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There were three teams of completely new captains in Mixed this year, and they all played last night, with two of them facing each other in Arryn and Greyjoy.

So here, with her very first recap, is Tahlia Arryn:

Last night the Great house Arryn faced off against house Greyjoy. The night was perfect with a chill in the air. Arryn had two goals that game. 1. Beat Sir Grantious Boyd (that was more of a personal roomy goal) and 2. TOUCHES! Give everyone lots of touches.

We started off very well. Connecting with swift throws and smart decisions. 2 breaks up and we were soaring high! But then all of a sudden Greyjoy woke up and actually started playing tough defense. DANG! That means we needed to buckle down and score something. WHICH WE DID!!! Arryn took half with a bit of a lead. Things just connected for us.

Coming out of the half, Arryn’s hearts were soaring! But it seemed like Greyjoy was unphased and came out with a new strategy.

Greyjoy’s sir Grantious Boyd started playing a great poach defense that we just couldn’t figure out how to capitalize on. But not without some valiant efforts! I heard “POACH” being yelled all across the battlefield last night. The second half for Arryn wasn’t so pretty. It seemed like our throws were just no longer connecting. Greyjoy had many deep cuts and seemed to have their vertical 2:4 stack all figured out. LUCKILY, Arryn had great defense and made a lot the their throws really contentious.

Unfortunately for Arryn, Greyjoy just kept creeping ahead. Since Arryn had so many defensive turns, that meant we had a lot of offensive attempts which meant a LOT OF TOUCHES!!!! Goal # 2: ACCOMPLISHED. The game ended in a score of 10-15. Special notes: Jaime’s around breaks were pretty. Girl in grey shirt on Greyjoy was pretty dang fast. NOT enough chicken wing throws by either team.

50% on goals is not bad.  The US Women’s soccer team that just went 13-0 wasn’t even 50% on goals.  (13 of 40 shots).

I love poach D’s.  Oh, they make my heart warm.  So I can appreciate Grant’s poaching.  One of these days I’ll write a book on strategic poaching, and why it’s so important.  I probably won’t ever do it, but I’ll think about doing it.

Vertical 2:4 stack?  Do tell.  Meaning primary handler, strong side handler, and four in the stack I assume.  That actually sounds better than five in the stack since in the 5-stack there’s always one player (usually 3rd in the stack) that has no real assignment.  This way everyone feels like they have an understood role, and I like that better.

And I noticed that Greyjoy was wearing grey last night. (Cause I went to Joxer’s to do live band karaoke before finding out it was Karaoke League night.  Curses!)  I admit it was weird that Greyjoy is not going to be Grey, but rather Black.  In past summer leagues, where I was insistent on including the color in the team name (which led to some weird team names like Draft Dodger Blue and Pol Pot Brownies), they’d definitely be the Grey team.  But when you image search Greyjoy logo, it’s a lot of black.  Hard to ignore.

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  • Grant

    June 14, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    I think Tahlia is referring to Laura whom I just met last night and who scored a handful of goals for us! She was crushing it for sure.
    And definite shoutouts to Jamie for her backhand around breaks and Crunch for ripping some great flick bombs. (Also, thanks to Arryn’s Cable for lending me some cleats!)
    House Greyjoy won last night but look out for House Arryn through the season and come tourney time; at full strength and with more reps together they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.


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