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Curses lights!!!  But not for the reason you’re thinking.  The lights didn’t go out during the game, ending a huge comeback from turning sorrow to joy.  Nope.  This time the lights went out BEFORE the games even started.

Sepulveda Basin conked out due to some electrical problem, no doubt affected in some part by two rumblings of the earth that I didn’t get to experience cause I was halfway round the world. I miss all the good earthquakes.  I moved here just after Northridge.  I was out of town for Chino Hills.  And now I’m out of the country for Ridgecrest.  What’s a guy gotta do to get a little shake, shake, shake?

Anyway, the power outage meant they were gonna cancel the games for the night, but I pulled a Hail Mary and got them to give us Van Nuys / Sherman Oaks instead.  I know, the slippery fields.  Not ideal.  But it was that or gopher holes at Balboa, and so I went with Scylla over Charybdis.

Quite a litter problem around the stands at VNSO.  It was trashy, like Ramona from the Real Housewives (and the fact that I know that troubles me, but that show is always on in my house).

It’s good to be back, writing completely useless precaps.  BTdubs, huge thank you to Christi No More Betz for filling in the last week in the host’s chair.  She did a kick-ass job.  I was reading as much as I could from afar, and she killed it.  Standing O.  Thanks CB!

And now, with the report from last night on the mixed side, here’s Mr. Jorts himself, D to the Vore:

House Bartell has been tried and tested in the last week. Coming into Monday night, many of us were worn out and a bit sluggish. A few of our members were at Sunbreak. A handful played a hat tournament on the beach the day before our game. A couple more were coming back from out of town and couldn’t make it to the game. Our saddest moment this season so far though is that our very own Jordan Bartell has succumbed to a hamstring injury and will be out the rest of the season. Additionally, we determined that this is probably the last time we will have Litz Bartell (I know that’s not how it works. Don’t @ me) at one of our games. Both of them will be greatly missed!

This wasn’t the end of our trials and tribulations though. We lost the flip and Greyjoy chose to wear dark jerseys. Unfortunately, for the first time this season, Bartell didn’t wear their stylish orange outfits. We made the best of it, starting out strong and scoring the first two points. I think that was the first time this season that we started that well! Our legs were churning, the disc was moving well side to side then down the field, and our defense was stifling!

Greyjoy came surging back, cutting down our early lead and tying the game at 5-5. I feel that they scored mostly on the back of some high stall count hucks that worked out. As a player that loves defense, I appreciate the effort that went into making those throws the only option. This means that everyone downfield was marking well enough to make sure that there were no open cuts and the other handlers were not viable options. That’s incredible team defense! Honestly, I’m not a results oriented person. Sure, everyone likes winning. Our mantra this season is definitely “trust the process.” We are improving in leaps and bounds and I’m excited for our coming weeks.

After a couple execution mistakes, we lost the half 8-5. We chatted about cleaning up our offense a little and trying to prevent a few of those hucks from being completed. In the second half, I think we accomplished those goals. Generally, we made Greyjoy work hard for every point that they scored. During the final point, we had an amazing defensive goal line stand that lasted probably fifteen throws before they got impatient and tried to force a disc into the end zone that went out the back. We turned over the disc after we got it back, leading to a fast break score for Greyjoy to end the game 15-11, but that was the best point that we have played this year. So proud of everyone on this team and the way that we played last night. I can’t wait for us to rest up and come back next week!

Side note: This game was supposed to be played at Sepulveda Basin, but got last minute rescheduled to VNSO due to some lights issue at Sepulveda. Huge shoutout to getting us somewhere to play on short notice!

Went to the bar yada yada yada the bartender politely asked Andrew Bandit and crew to get out because she wanted to go home. I may not call him Andy ever again. I’m always sad when the opposing team can’t make it to the post-game, but especially sad when they said they’d buy the first round of picklebacks.

Well, there’s just no excuse if you’re gonna call first round and not come through.  They owe you big at the tourney party.

DeVore mused last night at Robin Hood, “who are the recaps for?”  And then laid out a very well thought out and reasoned explanation that was truly inspirational and you should ask him about it if you see him, cause I thought it was pretty cool.

There was debate over who won the bar cause my team and their team each had two stalwarts close the place out, so I’m going to use Judge’s scoresheet henceforth:

– 1pt per player that is at the bar past 11pm (ie, probably had a drink and didn’t just stop by)
Bartell had 7 players.  White Walkers had 6.
– 3pts for every person that is part of the group that leaves the latest
Tied, 2 apiece.  Six points each.
– 2pts per karaoke
Sadly, no karaoke.
– 3pts per round of team shots (that’s right, every person on the team that shows up has to do a shot. No swapsys).
There were no team shots last night.  Fail.
– 3pts for the team(s) that has an epic story / video emerge (bar fight, unexpected hook up, challenged a stranger to a race of some sort, etc.)
For the record, I did re-tell the epic Seth Gillum shredded shirt story from China last night, but it was only told to my own team, so I don’t think that counts.  (I’ve also told that story a thousand times, so it’s not exactly fresh.)
– 2pts for buying another team a pitcher of beer
Another fail.
So that leaves the score at 13-12 Bartell.  Low scoring game, so only golf-clap worthy.

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  • Grant Boyd

    July 10, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    Shoutout to Tattoo for generally wreaking havoc on the field Monday! Hucks, Ds, moving and grooving; really fun to watch you compete. And also shoutout to Carrot for ripping one of the best pulls of the night! That in addition to another huck or two from her and House Martell will certainly be a threat come tourney time.


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