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Man, I’ll tell you, after yesterday’s Fakecap by Papa, how can we trust anything to be real anymore?  It’s a fair question.  Fake news is always around the corner.  But no way would Jack Lamnister ever lie to us.  If there’s one person we can absolutely trust, it’s Jack.  So let’s hear from the man himself.  But first, Nate Lannister has a few words.  We can probably trust him:

Lannisters win 14-13 by Lights!
And it’s Another Jack Cap! First captains notes!

Very Legitimate Captain Notes Today:

  • It was a little windy when the game started!  Lions started on O and we got broken immediately but we did break back and half was on serve.
  • Lions started out with 3 women, then Jeni arrived, then at halftime we got THE GREAT GRETA to sub for us (BLESS YOU GRETA FOR SUBBING FOR US AND BRINGING MY COOLER BACK FROM SAN FRAN)
  • Geryjoy’s Meg, BG, Grant and Ken all dropped some huck bombs on us.
  • Magma (Claire Bazley) was an IRONWOMAN for us Lions (Ironic that Greyjoy are ironborn!) and played pretty much every point and ground out cuts ALL NIGHT
  • Amos (Lannister) and Axl (Greyjoy) had an extremely entertaining point where they both battled out 3 sky-balls which were all really nice blocks
  • Skipper threw an absolute dime huck to Jeni, whom was cutting deep and then under and then deep again, it sat in the air for a good 5-6 seconds. Count it out. That long. Amazing touch.
  • Horace had 3 Ds for us tonight. The LION has CLAWs
  • Grant almost got a massive poach block at 11s, but we were cool through it, and got our own break to go up 14-12
  • Greyjoys scored and pulled and after a few throws the lights went out 14-13
  • Two games this Summer we’ve won 14-13 on lights!
  • Amos got injured late in the game with a hamstring. I’m realizing that he was a STEAL at the slot that I got him at in the draft, and I am very sad about that. Heal up soon Amos!!
  • And a fond farewell to Nora Fy (pictured lol) and Grace Hut, whom are both leaving for study abroads with Oxy. College players whom play league become GREAT

Homemade tirasmisu?  Damn, I would’ve gone up to Encino for that.  Why does nobody tell me about this?

Cool notes.  Sounds like a lot of awesome stuff happening in a really close game.  Certainly one that would’ve been worth watching.

Lannister’s win means now 5 teams have 5 wins apiece.  The fight for the regular season champ is still very much up in the air.

But tonight the top two seeds face off between House Tarth and House Tully.  Of note, tonight’s match-up has a sub situation coming up that is making me want to make a rule change, if not for the final two weeks of the season, definitely I will list it as a suggestion for next year.

Initially both teams requested subs for their ladies.  They were both missing their top 2 draft picks, so I tried to get them both top level players to replace.  But then Tarth’s situation changed and now they’ll have 5 women tonight, so they don’t need a sub anymore.  But I had already gotten an okay from a top seed to play on Tully.  Because Tarth will still be missing their top 2 (I believe) then that means Tully is getting a top level replacement, but Tarth isn’t.  To Buster’s credit, she was fine with taking a lower seeded player, but I figured we should continue to play under the current rule set. I don’t want to change it up on her at the last minute.  But it makes me think that a change is needed.  Perhaps starting next week for the final two weeks of the season.

Here’s the proposal as I currently have it listed on the website:

  1. For fairness to your opponent, the highest seeded sub pool player you can replace shall be no higher than the highest round player that your opponent has coming.  So for example, if you need one sub and you’re missing your #1, 2 and 4 seeds, but the other team has 5 players coming (thus not receiving any subs) but the highest seeded player they have coming is their 3rd rounder, then you could not receive a sub for the 1st and 2nd rounders.  You would only get an equivalent sub for your 4th rounder.

That seems more fair, right?


  • Joanna

    July 25, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    complicated when you only get so many volunteers to sub, but I like it. There have def been times that a high level sub was clearly a HUGE advantage and was likely a reason for a better outcome.


  • Nate

    July 25, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    Seems simple enough! And definitely rule change that is reasonable and good! It will take a little bit more communication between the captains, but as long as captains CC their opposing captains when they request subs that should be a quick fix.


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