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I was getting very excited for the possibility of Christi Betz-Tyrell becoming the first captain in Summer League history to go from last place to first place in successive seasons, but with Tyrell’s second straight loss, it may not happen this time around.  Although Scott Bergen-Stark is still holding strong as the first ever to go from first to last as his team is 0-3.

Here’s Christi:

After playing on the VNSO fields last week, and realizing how slick they are in regular cleats, I decided to switch things up and test out my trail running shoes. I messaged my team to give them a heads up and suggest trying it out as well, and OMG IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER! 100% recommend switching to turf cleats or trail shoes or just anything but regular grass cleats for anyone playing there this Wednesday.

We started out a bit shaky, throwing away our first two throws of the game with miscommunications and quick turnovers. And Greyjoy has a fast team, and some powerful throwers. They kept throwing these nice hammers over the top of all of our defenders and directly into the hands of their receiver in the end zone. It felt like they were way ahead, but we were keeping it tight, trading points at least up to 6s. But Greyjoy pulled ahead to take half 8-7 (I think? Maybe it was 8-6?)

In the second half, Greyjoy continued to pull ahead. I want to say they got up to 11-7? At one point, I did hear someone shout “Release the kraken” from the sideline as they pulled to us. I thought that was pretty fun, even though we were down and the kraken seemed to have already been released. It turns out, the kraken was blinded by the golden roses of Highgarden, because Tyrell came back to tie it up at 13s. We got trapped trying to work it into the endzone and turned it over to Greyjoy who scored bringing it to 14-13.

Things were heating up and we were eager for a comeback. Greyjoy pulled to Tyrell. We got one throw off and were cutting for that second throw when the Lord of Light decided that we were not the chosen ones and banished us into the darkness.

Shoutouts to Hannah on Greyjoy for speeding deep and catching everything. Also to D-Con for having ridiculously long arms and huge hands that will catch anything and throw it directly to the endzone. And Meg for her awesome throws that always connect. And Bread for coming in hot, catching a disc and not running me over.

On Tyrell, major props go to Callie who’s one of our newest players and caught two of our points! And to Seth for leading the trend in not wearing cleats (ever) and being ahead of the curve this time.

Pretty sure since our game ended on lights, and Greyjoy was only ahead by one, that the final points were decided at the bar. Tyrell took the lead with numbers since Grant and Meg were the only ones from the Iron Islands that made it to Robin Hood. So that means, we won the game, right?

I’d give Meg extra bonus points for working at SpaceX and having a rocket launch take place last night that we all live-streamed from her phone, but Ryan of House Tyrell ALSO works at SpaceX and worked on this launch so that one is a tie. I definitely appreciated the guided commentary as we watched the launch though since I had absolutely no idea what was happening. I love playing ultimate with smart people who have important jobs.

Also Meg donated a bunch of SpaceX stuff to the SCYU Silent Auction at the LAOUT Awards, and that was pretty cool.

Adding bar points to the game score.  Don’t think I haven’t thought of doing that, cause I have.  Many times.  Could anything be more divisive?  Some folks would take it to the next level with their bar participation, which is awesome.  But some people will absolutely hate it and never play Summer League again.

Thanks for the helpful tip on the turf shoes Christi!

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