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What nobody knows is how close we came to losing Sepulveda Basin again.

Yesterday at around 12:30 I got the call that the lights were still not on at SB and they needed to cancel the game and move us to Van Nuys / Sherman Oaks again.  Ugh.  I got my first taste of that field on Monday, and everyone’s comments about it being slippery were legit!  But I was off to lunch at the time, so I figured I’d let everyone know when I got back.

But then during lunch I got another call to hold off on the move.  They were working on the lights again, and they’d know for sure by 2pm.  And then I did get the call just after 2 that the lights had been fixed.

I love to give you a little taste of the behind-the-scenes action when I can.  Lift the curtain on the wizard, so to speak.  (That is literally an 80 year old reference, and it still plays.)

So let’s get to the game.  Here’s Tahlia Arryn with the recap translated from Notepad:

Last night the small but mighty squad of 5 men and 5 women from House Arryn ventured out to Sepulveda Basin in search of a common drinking basin known as Robin Hood.

While on our search we ran into House Mormont and the battle for Robin Hood began! At the very beginning of the game we were doing great! 1-1 but soon after that, Mormont learned our weaknesses and exploited them. Throughout the first half, I give Arryn credit for valiant defense (We were ALMOST good enough!) and I give Mormont credit for being tall and mighty.

They took half 8-4, so like not too bad. I’ve seen greater comebacks. In the second half, things got a bit worse for Arryn. It almost seemed like I had pre-gamed at Robin Hood BEFORE this half began with all the turns I had (I attribute that to residual alcohol from Sunbreak).

Some notable things that happened:
– Dan was very tall. Sparta was very tall. Toph was very tall. Mormont seemed very tall. Plus all their great hucks connected and they threw like 1000 of them.
– Logan and Toph at some point looked like they were doing an
agility ladder, it was a really strange offense and defense to watch, a little TOO in sinc.
– Eura has some amazing in-cuts where she was able to start what little offense we had. Fuse should win an award for beautiful pulls to start the point.

In the end it seemed like house Mormont was going to win the battle of who gets Robin Hood since the end game score was something like 6-15 BUT!!!!
with 90% (9/10) attendance at the bar from Arryn AND first team there, I believe we won!

Impressed you beat Mormont.  They’re a pretty bar-friendly team themselves.

Since Tahlia mentioned height, I’m sure you’re dying to know now which team is actually the tallest in Mixed.  Is it Mormont?  Well, I’m here to help.

Overall, here’s the average height of each team from tallest to shortest:

Tarth 5’9.06″
Baratheon 5’8.93″
Mormont 5’8.89″
Greyjoy 5’8.39″
Tyrell 5’8.33″
Martell 5’8.31″
Lannister 5’8.25″
Arryn 5’7.99″
Targaryen 5’7.67″
Stark 5’7.56″
Tully 5’7.25″

So Mormont is not the tallest, but they’re in the top 3.  Interesting that Tarth with the best record is the tallest team, but the second best team Tully is the shortest team.

How about we break it down by gender, just to get even more interesting?

First, the women:

Baratheon 5’7.42″
Martell 5’6.17″
Lannister 5’6″
Mormont 5’5.89″
Greyjoy 5’5.67″
Tarth 5’5.33″
Targaryen 5’4.78″
Stark 5’4.67″
Arryn 5’4.64″
Tyrell 5’4.44″
Tully 5’4.33″

And then the men:

Tarth 6’0.78″
Tyrell 6’0.22″
Mormont 5’11.89″
Arryn 5’11.33″
Greyjoy 5’11.11″
Targaryen 5’10.56″
Lannister 5’10.5″
Baratheon 5’10.44″
Martell 5’10.44″
Stark 5’10.44″
Tully 5’10.17″

Fear the height of Baratheon women and Tarth men!!!

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  • Dan

    July 11, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    I would contend that since house arryn left the bar an hour before us, they lose.


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