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Fun fact.  Tully’s signature fish is listed as a silver trout.  That’s interesting because the silver trout is extinct, and has been for over 80 years, meaning they were extinct before R.R. Martin was born.  You gotta be impressed by that level of detail in his books that he’d find a recently extinct species to use as the logo of one of the houses.  Also of note, the silver trout met its end in large part to drainage systems in a town of New Hampshire called Stark.  Yes, that would’ve been a good piece of info to pull out after the Tully/Stark game in week 3, but I didn’t think about it until now, so I suck.

And now, onto the recap.  Here’s Buster Tully:

Lets first start with this:

When House Lannister came to take back House Tully’s castle, we decided to meet them face to face. Why? because sieges are dull! This is our castle. There is no need to start something over what rightfully belongs to us.

Unfortunately, House Lannister did not agree and the battle commenced. Last night was a game of offense. It started out pretty evenly, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3. Then, the Lannisters got a surprise when we kicked it into gear. We broke the back and forth streak by getting a few breaks and eventually took half 8-5.

Both houses came back into the second half running zones. The Lannister zone tripped us up for a point or 2 but we are an adaptive house. We adapt to survive, and our offense slowly learned how to break through their zone. Eventually the siege ended with House Tully defending their castle successfully 15-9.

Our women were the stars of the night! House Lannister was taking away the unders, so our women went deep! It was a game of hucks to our ladies all night! Shout out to Red whose speed was unmatched, Ali for chilly handling in her first game back after being out for 2 months due to injury, and Armand for solid all around playing last night!

We warned House Lannister not to mess with the fish! But they didn’t listen. It was a good game House Lannister, but House Tully sends their regards.

You said it cat.  That is some shade.  Buster, coming out swinging.  I love it.

Sieges are dull?  Tell that to Bruce Willis and Denzel.  $117 million at the box office.

The mixed division is a 3-way battle right now between Tarth, Tully and Greyjoy.  None of them have played each other yet.  Tully plays Tarth in Week 8.  Tully plays Greyjoy in Week 9.  But Tarth and Greyjoy will not face each other, increasing Tarth’s chances for the perfect season.

And now, here’s the report from the losing side.  This is Nate Lannister:

A Lazily assembled gif recap.
If a Lannister reads this. You are recapping next week right? please? Please? PLEASE!

Oh my God.  The second fish slapping gif is crazy.  It’s like for a second his head is briefly separated from his body.  That’s gruesome!  I’m gonna have a hard time eating fish for the next few days.

But I’ll get there.

One comment

  • Nate

    July 12, 2019 at 11:07 am

    I’m willing to put my name on this hot take.
    I think the Tully’s are the deepest team in the league.
    I wager the other top teams have stronger top end talent (we’ve played Tarth already and I think so and will play Greyjoy), but this team up and down the roster is solid.
    Very good sign for the tournament.


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