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The Great Cooler Scare of 2019 was debunked already.  I posted in the other recap that coolers were not permitted on Saturday, which would suck.  That’s what it said in the rules on the permit, but we clarified that personal coolers were okay.  The scare lasted all of 30 minutes. We can all relax now.

Dogs, however, still not allowed on Saturday.  Not all prayers are answered.

And good news.  The weather report for Saturday is expected to be a hair below 90 meaning I feel confident we can move the tournament back an hour, and you can all get another hour of sleep.  I’ll make that official tomorrow.  If the forecast holds up, it will be the first time the Summer League tournament is below 90 degrees in several years.  Hallelujah Jones!

Alrighty, let’s do some recaps.  First up, tag team partnership of Buster and Jackson Tully:

Going into last night, House Tully knew one thing, tonight’s game didn’t matter to our standings. Unfortunately, instead of using this to our advantage in which to practice our defensive plays or letting some of our cutters handle and our handlers cut, we showed up to this game in NOT Tully fashion. I knew going into tonight, House Tyrell was going to be a tough game considering the strong players they have and their close games against all of the other teams. They may not have a very good record, but that does not show how good of a team they actually are! The game quickly opened up to a 2-5 Tyrell lead, then a 3-7 lead. It was not looking good. Imagine a hypothetical conversation between the Queen of Thorns and Edmure Tully. That should give you an idea of how badly we were getting spanked.

Listen, losing before the tournament is okay, but constantly getting dunked on all night doesn’t put you in a great mindset for your next game or in this case, the tournament. A timeout call and strategy shift started to get us back on track getting a 3 point run before Tyrell scored and took half at a much more reasonable 6-8. We were in striking distance.

The 2nd half was back and forth, with each team getting blocks and making great plays on offense. But we were slowly chipping away at the lead by getting back to basic ultimate: throw to the open person, wherever they are. Classic Tully. Not that Tyrell made it easy – we had to make an uncomfortably high number of incredible catches (shouts to Armand, Joe, and Laura, damn!), matched by a lot of tricky looks to the breakside.

Eventually we tied the game at 12. We mentally reset again. Game to 3, 0-0, we’re starting on defense. Last points of the regular season. Let’s go. And Tully went out and broke three times in a row for the W and ended the game 15-12.

There was a strong bar showing from each team, thanks in no part by Hoover graciously buying the first round for our team, proving she’s an MVP both on and off the field.

With this win, we are very much looking forward to the tournament and the final battle for the LAOUT Iron Throne! We are House Tully! We are the middle child, we are the missionary position, we are the white bread, we are the tilapia, we are boring ultimate. And we are prepared to bring all of that into Saturday to defend claim to the throne!

Family, Duty, Honor!

Ouch.  Middle children are getting the bad rep.  Somewhere out there Jan Brady, Michael Bluth, Stephanie Tanner and Malcolm are giving you the stink eye.

And I’m not sure the missionary position is the most boring of positions.  Granted, it’s not showing up in 50 Shades of Whatever Sequel They’re On, but I’m not willing to put it on the bottom either.  But we can definitely discuss that at the bar.

Glad nobody got hurt.  That’s always the thing the team that’s already locked up the #1 seed fears the most in the final week.

And now, from the losing side, here’s Christi Tyrell:

It was our last game of the season and after starting the season 2-0, Tyrell hadn’t seen a win since week 2. And we were going up against the first place team, House Tully. Awesome.

Fortunately, our numbers were high with 8 men and 7 ladies hailing from Highgarden. We started on serve for the first two points, and then Tyrell caught some breaks and went up 5-2. Tully started throwing zone, but Tyrell stayed chilly and worked it up the field. Tully came back to tie at 7s, but Tyrell took half for the first time in quite a few games.

We had our flag flying and the jams pumping. Half-time for Tyrell turned into a dance party with Merlin breaking out his Lizzo moves. All things Lizzo are always appreciated at House Tyrell. I like to think Margaery Tyrell would have been a fan.

Anyway, the dance party might have been a bit of a distraction because Tully came back from half with a vengeance. I think they might have taken the first two points out of half, but Tyrell was staying strong and kept at it. We were tied at 12s when Tully cranked it up and scored the next three points to win 15-12.

We were so close, yet so far.

Special shout outs on the Tyrell side to Ryan, who is one of our newest players and had one of his best points all season with an every other that ended in him scoring. I will take all the credit for drafting him. Maggie snagged awesome bookends with a D close to our goal line and a quick cut for a score. Joanna also had an awesome D and shut down her ladies all night long.

On the Tully side, their sibling game was on point. Armand was awesome as usual and Geneviève made the family name proud with a nice score on top of her excellent cutting all over the field. And then the Giampaoli brothers (I didn’t actually get their names on the field but I stalked the roster, so this has to be right… i think…) were also a great force for Tully with their solid throws and cuts. I love getting to see siblings play together. So much fun!

It was a great game to end the season on with high spirits and tight competition. Just watch out for House Tyrell in the tourney. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

Oh, c’mon now.  Flutes are not cheap.  Have some respect.

The real question is how many Lizzo gifs did Christi go through to land on these four?

I was going through my list of all siblings who have played in LA Ultimate leagues.  What’s interesting is I was able to think of many brother combos and sister combos, but you don’t get a lot of brother/sister groups.  Can you even name 5?  This is all I’ve got.

Geneviève and Armand
Kathryn and Jeff Landesman
Jacquie and Brandon Severson

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.  Who am I missing?  I’m sure there’s a few.

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  • Christi

    August 6, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    Stig and Rafa played together on Lady last summer league.


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