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House Tully
House Greyjoy


Congratulations to House Tully!!!  Their win last night clinched the #1 seed and the regular season win.  Since they’ve already beaten Tarth and Baratheon, the only two teams that could’ve challenged them, they are officially the regular season champs.  So let’s hear from their co-captains Buster and Jackson Tully:

It was a game of dark water last night, the river vs. the sea, the fish vs. the kraken, navy blue vs. black, House Tully vs. House Greyjoy. Things didn’t start out great for Tully, as we lost both flips. But once we donned our appropriately plainly colored white jerseys, it was on.

The battle started with long and even points, trading back and forth to 2-2. House Tully then picked up on the kraken’s tricks while maintaining our brand of basic offense. We started pulling out the D’s and taking advantage of some unlucky drops by Greyjoy, which resulted in a 6 point run to take half at 8-2.

Tully continued the pressure in the second half, hoping to end the game and get as many people to the bar as possible (I think we had 8, which honestly is kind of a lot for us). Greyjoy cleanly worked through our zone a few times but were never able to capitalize on their own break opportunities. House Tully became the rulers of the water by winning the game 15-7, going unbroken (I think) in the process.

Unlike Edmure Tully, we won’t be sitting down on any old chair – House Tully has now locked up the number 1 claim to the Iron Throne! We know there is one more intense battle coming up in which any house could be victorious, but for now we’re calling dibs on the spiky metal chair, and we will fight anyone who dares to try and take it away from us! Bring it on Westeros, bring it on!

Well done.  Jackson as a first year captain wins the regular season which is always cool, especially since he’s new to LA.  And Buster did a fantastic job drafting.

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