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House Tarth is 5-0.  The only undefeated team left in both leagues.  And I will continue to say this every week over and over again ad nauseum to remind everyone no Summer League team has ever won every game AND the tournament.  It is the golden chalice, the Holy Grail, the World Cup win for a US team of non-women.  We’ve had some close calls in the past.  Teams that went undefeated in the regular season, but lost in finals.  Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Gold Room came the closest, but it is still unattained, so you bet your ass I’ll be watching Tarth with a Kepler level magnifying glass for remaining weeks.

Tarth is bringing out the big guns too.  A new recapper, a rookie, to break the string of Reedcaps.  They’re going into the toolbox and pulling out Maria, Duke of Tarth.

Tonight the recap is coming at ya from a player who has watched a grand total of one episode of GOT and who managed to show up to the game 5 points in and 20 minutes late. I can only assume those points were fast relative to the rest of the games points, one of which topped out at I KID YOU NOT 15 minutes. It was more brutal than the Red Wedding AMIRITE?? (I am). No idea who won that point but it was well fought and I believe happened during the first half. It was almost as epic as that time Hodor said Hodor! And as majestic as those ding dang Stark wolves! There were also a lot of great D’s during that point I’m sure. It was like the players were defending the wall from the white walkers and winter was coming down the pike!

Alright, recap time: House Tyrell wore green, House Tarth wore pink. Everybody rallied hard after Sunbreak/the holiday weekend and Tarth came in swinging after our bye last week. When the Tarth’s star player, Maria Duke, woke up from her post-work nap and dragged her ass to the game faster than John Snow hooked up with that red-haired lady, Tyrell was up 3-2. Then, Tarth got some points and also Tyrell got more points. It was like that time that Peter Dinklage outsmarted his family! I seem to remember that it took awhile to get to halftime but in the end Tarth channeled their inner Brienne (who is the breakout star and total hottie of GOT) and took half. THEN after half there was MORE FRISBEE! By this time, Tarth had come off one of their classic halftime cheers (Go Dani!) and was ready to take the field. There were 12 players on the field for the ENTIRE GAME. It was almost as good as the time that Dany’s dragons hatched and then she got to experience the joys of parenthood in addition to the thrill of war and proved that women really can have it all!! Thanks Sheryl Sandberg!

The game ended with a final score of I believe 15-11 after a nail-biting, penultimate point in which Tyrell scored and Tarth did not. Then Tarth scored and Tyrell did not and we won the game aka the throne aka we are now the gender-inclusive rulers of the north! (I forget what the kingdom is called in GOT).

Game: 10/10
Sideline Tunes: 8/10
Upside Down Throw Completion Rate: 2/10
ill-advised hucks: 0/10, trick question, they’re always a good idea
Heart: 15/10
This Recap: Priceless

INDEED priceless.  A strong rookie effort.  Hodor!

I feel like the actress who plays Brienne, Gwendolyn Christie, she’s playing Megan Rapinoe in the future movie version of the World Cup champions, no?  Can somebody who has actual artist talent put her in the Rapinoe pose please?

Quick thought provoking question.  If you throw an upside down throw IN the Upside Down, is that just a backhand?

Okay, and now we have another recap, from the Tyrell side.  This is the 1980’s Jay Leno to my Carson, Christi Betz-Tyrell:

Going into the game last night, we knew we’d have a tough battle ahead of us looking at Tarth’s 4-0 record. And we knew we’d have our lowest number of ladies in attendance all season – 5, just past the sub request cut-off. (Side note: I definitely think you should be able to request up to 6, especially with the 6v6 games and all the running that goes on, but what do I know?). But Tyrell rallied together to hit the field with spirits high. Bring it on, Brienne.

House Tarth took an early lead with Tyrell chomping at their heels. There were A LOT of marathon points with each team working it down the field only to turn it at the endzone. (Did I mention we only had 5 women? I think Tarth had 7 or 8). Tarth was up 7-3, but we dug deep to score at least two more (or was it three?) before they could take half at something like 8-5. Not bad. We’re still in this.

The second half went much like the first with more long marathon points and a high level of competition. At 10pm, I think the score was something like 12-9 Tarth, and I started to worry about the lights. I knew Tarth’s last game went all the way until Andy called Universe at 10:45pm, but we’ve also had the lights shut off on us before, so nobody knew how much time we had left. At 10:15pm, I told Thies we should talk to the Tarth captains about calling it at a certain time so we didn’t overstay our welcome, but Tarth scored that point for the win, so it didn’t really matter.

I believe the end score was 15-11 Tarth, but maybe we had 12? Someone should correct me if they know better.

I’m not sure exactly how the rest of my team felt after all of those ridiculously long points, but this is actual footage of me at the end of the game.

The sub pool.  This is quite the topic of conversation ever since we introduced it just a couple years ago.

Of course, in past years – actually for the first roughly 20 years of Summer League – there was no sub pool.  You played with who you had, and going savage was not entirely uncommon, and in some cases teams had to play down a player.  Or even two in some extreme cases.  But now that we do have a sub pool, the demand for it seems to increase every year.  But it does spark debate, as some players prefer to get more playing time and don’t mind having fewer subs (Brian Zid famously drafted a team where he purposely selected all the players who said they couldn’t make a lot of games), and in fact lower level players on most teams get to play a lot more when there’s fewer players, as let’s face it, better players tend to play more points, either from personal desire, or competitive preference from the team.

I’m also personally not a fan of outside subs, cause they’re not really a part of your team.  There’s at least one captain this year who is refusing a temporary replacement for a higher seeded injured player due to team chemistry.

So it’s an interesting topic.  It’s definitely changed the parameters of the league, and in fact Men’s League right now is adding a sub pool for the first time ever, but with caveats to prevent the common practice of teams only asking for players to replace their higher picks.  It’s an evolving process, and who knows, maybe next year it WILL be 6 men or women as the limit for adding subs.  I pity the TD who will have to deal with that, as it’s a lot of extra work to get subs, and if you increase the minimum threshold, it will exponentially increase the sub requests.  Unless you counter that by making the teams larger, but I’ve heard more complaints if teams are too large rather than too small.

But, you also don’t people to die on the floor, like in that awesome gif.  (What is that from???)  So there’s arguments on both sides.  I’ll be interested to see what happens next year.

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  • seth gillum

    July 10, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    The sub pool is a welcome addition. In the past, I remember people playing injured to not let their team down. Shoutout to Lauralee- who I remember helped her team with some skilled positional standing after an injury
    But my favorite summer league memories are playing teams when we had 6 vs. their 7. I’m talking about you white cobra from 2006- I still remember we had Ariel who was amazing in the second row of our zone. I think that was white’s only loss of the season.
    I’ve played 6v7 on the 6 team seven times in summer league. But never played against a team that only had 6 when we had a full roster.
    And I still remember the first 7-8 points (before more people showed up) 4 vs 6 game many years past.
    Sometimes having to come together to triumph over adversity is incredibly bonding. Not so good that there shouldn’t be subs. But it did make some fond memories for me.


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