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And so, we’ll have to wait another year for a team to pull the perfect season together.  It’s happened in Winter League, in Beach League, in Women’s League.  Hell, it even happened in the short lived Goaltimate League.  But it continues to be elusive in Summer League.  Tarth’s loss drops them into a three-way tie with Tully and Greyjoy.  I’ll be honest.  I have no clue how Ultimate Central is determining the top seed out of those three.  At least with the old Sportspress system, I could put in my own rules for the standings.  But with Ulti Central, who the hell knows?  It has a few pre-determined standings options you can select from, but it doesn’t explain the inner workings of any of those options (at least that I can see) and there’s not even many options to choose from.

So I’m here to tell you that the standings on Ultimate Central MAY NOT BE ACCURATE for breaking ties.  I have my same rules for breaking ties that I’ve always had as long as I’ve been running Summer League.

Tie-breaker scenarios:
Two-way ties
1) Head-to-head
2) Records against common opponents
3) Point differential against common opponents
4) Overall point differential
5) Game of Thrones trivia contest.

Three-way ties
1) Head-to-head (if this reduces the field to two-teams, see two-way ties)
2) Records against common opponents
3) Point differential in head-to-head games
4) Point differential against common opponents
5) Overall point differential
6) Best full team karaoke performance

Under these rules, the current top three seeds are 1) Tarth, 2) Tully, 3) Greyjoy.  None of these teams played each other.  Tarth holds Record Against Common Opponents over Tully and Point Diff Against Common Opponents over Grejoy.  Tully holds Point Diff Against Common Opponents over Greyjoy.

So Ultimate Central’s seeding is correct after all.  (At least for the top 3.)  Woo hoo!

Alright, and now let’s get to the recap from Reed Tarth:

This team reminded me of C-Note and Scott’s team last year and was drafted very much the same way. A first timer, no co-captain present, a little overwhelmed, using the room to get tips, taking flyers (fliers?) on randos, and embracing the unknowns with confidence. She stole a few players left in earlier rounds. I was sitting behind Lux at the draft and weighed in on a couple picks. They have a great team, so it seemed to work out just as it did for Scott and C-note last year.

Game started late and ended at 9:45. This was the most efficient game all season. Half was 8-7 on serve with each team even at one break a piece.

Arryn played a frustratingly clean game. Their offense was methodical and the steady hand of Ed Melo marched down the pitch. It definitely forced us to tighten up our game and not play like we could get a D anytime we wanted.

Not much more to say about this hum-drum affair, both teams played well, but Arryn made the most of our turns.

I’d like to use the rest of my time to introduce you to Gay of Thrones, the best Game of Thrones recap show on the internet. If you’ve never watched and want to catch up on seasons 3-8 it’s a quick binge.

It started when the crop top stylist from new “Queer Eye” would talk GoT with his clients, but couldn’t remember anyone’s name so he just started making stuff up and riffing. A Funny or Die producer was in a chair and overheard him being hilarious and offered him a show recapping GoT eps.

It starts recapping at season 3

The production value and writing is a little choppy at first but gets really good around mid season 4

If you just wanna jump to season 8

Season 8 ep 1:

The best part of the show is his nicknames for everyone:

Baby Kill Bill
Dog the Bounty Hunter
That Little Power Bottom queen King Joffrey
Maggie Smith
Stevie Nicks Red Riding Hood
Left Eye
Mayor Pete
Jared Let-himself-go
Tilda Swinton
Evil no-Volume Carol Brady (formerly: Blonde Cher, Mia Farrow, Dublin Gift Shop Crown)

This is only a sample

By season 7 I found myself more excited to watch Gay of Thrones than Game of Thrones.

Arryn won the Frisbee game with a final score of 15-12, but Tarth was serving up that HoT pink realness in our bright new jerseys that Doggy Daddy Andy hand delivered to the fields.

Wow, I sat through all 10 minutes of those two videos, because that’s the level of commitment I have to recaps.  And since I’ve never actually watched GoT, the only thing I related to was the part where he was explaining that Sur was the bar featured in Vanderpump Rules, and how that relates to Real Housewives, because Erin watches all those shows, and they’re always on in the house.

Is that actually the same person in both videos?  He looks so different.

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