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I’m not really sure what I can add to this.  I think I’ll just let it all speak for itself.  This is Judge Martell:

Baratheon v Bartell. It was also Cory’s birthday apparently. Baratheon won the game. Many shots and beers were bought. Many odds were played. We both won the bar in our own ways.


And in case you’re wondering just how drunk DeVore got last night, this should help clear that up.

How is Cory the reasonably normal one in this video?

Since it was Cory’s bday last night, here’s some more of Cory, as provided by Mike Zurer.

The last word comes from DeVore who added: “Oh also huge shoutout to Tahlia for playing with both teams, who had dangerously low numbers!”

And then after I posted this, I got an actual game recap (plus bar recap) from Cory Baratheon, so here you go:

DISCLAIMER: I’m bad at writing recaps. You’ll see.

Coming into tonight, we knew it would be a tough game, with both sides only having 4 confirmed ladies, 1 latecomer, and a sub (thanks Tahlia!) to share between the two teams. Papa was unable to make this one because she was “kind of tired, and didn’t feel like it ” or something like that. Maybe she was out of town, idk.

We flipped for who got Tahlia for the first half, and with Martell winning the flip, we started the game with just Claire, Charlotte, and Jules playing savage, as one of our other ladies couldn’t make it. Big shout out to them, and all the ladies last night trooping through the low subs, and absolutely killing it.

In no particular order, here are some things I remember from the game.
-One of the Martel ladies(idk her name) handling perfectly all game, with no turns that I can recall, and tons of touches
-Claire getting run-through d’s
-Judge getting frustratingly open all of the time, then bombing dimes
-Cory pretending Baratheon’s ladies were tired so we could run zone because he was scared of Deeve and Bryan
-Char got a hand block
-Greta got up huge for a terribly high flick from me
-Mike turned on the boosters for a huge d in the endzone
-Jules making huge layout grabs, one of which ended the game


This was my second birthday in a row I’ve spent at Joxer Daly’s after a league game, so needless to say, it was a pretty tame night with some casual drinking. I don’t remember anything wild and debaucherous happening, so I think it’s safe to assume nothing wild and debaucherous did happen. Also, props to whoever photoshopped my face onto a bunch of pictures of some dude in his underwear outside of Joxers. You did a really good job.

Lastly, we agreed on some nicknames that will be used for the next week. Here they are:

Charlotte – Big Mac
Brandon Nadres – Sauce
Claire – Grace
Bryan – McD*ck

Yes, nothing wild and debaucherous happened.  Because Cory would never do anything like that.

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  • Spaz

    July 19, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    I C what you did there, C.

    Cheers to not remembering!


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