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Just a couple more games to go now as we race towards the tournament this weekend, and the beautiful 87° it’s supposed to be.  Bar and restaurant AT the field.  Pretty cool.

In my younger days of running tournaments – when I was more motivated and less married – I would’ve taken the time to build an actual throne and brought it to the field for the winning teams to sit in and have their photos taken.  But who has the time to do that?  And I’m not a good builder anyway.  So never mind.  I wouldn’t have ever done that.  But I would’ve THOUGHT about doing it.  And that’s half the battle.

Let do a recap, shall we?  Here’s Nate Lannister:

I’m freakin pooped. Papa doesn’t have work today, so she can recap the bar and it’s fantastic events. And maybe even pre-game events. The Lion and the Stag battled all night really.

Baratheon 15 – Lannister 13

This game had very low stakes, (for the Lannister’s at least)since we already secured a bye and Baratheon very likely had as well regardless of the result. It was a really amazing game though actually. Well played end to end by both teams. Lannister took half, Baratheon finished strong as Nate spiraled into a buzzed mess.

Jeni recorded it on a potato apparently, but if this isn’t the cutest video you ever seen you’re lyin! (Or LION heyooo)

And here are some bonus pics:

It’s true.  You can never get too much Jack.

I was waiting to see if Paparatheon was going to include a barcap but perhaps not.  Probably for the best.  Nothing that happened last night needs to ever be recorded.

Oh and I almost forgot, because nobody posts recaps from Men’s League, but congratulations to Children of the Forest who last night clinched 1st place in Men’s with their 15-3 victory over Dothraki.

BUT WAIT… we do indeed get a late addition from Paparetheon:

Psych, Andy Bandit!! The barcap is a must. And contrary to the Lannister lies, I did, in fact, have work at 7 am this morning. Afterwards I spent much of my afternoon napping. But here we are.

Baratheon vs Lannister was a game of three parts yesterday: pong, frisbee, and bar. Beer pong practice for our upcoming tournament happened on my rooftop prior to the game. Gold won, of course, but both captains were somewhat sabotaged by my roommate, who showed up with a bottle of wine halfway through. Was I a little buzzed when I got to the fields? The world may never know. Oh well, 1-0 for stags.

Once we got to Rancho, House Baratheon was present and ready to play. It was Jordan’s birthday, so we had extra fire on our side. Lannisters came out strong and were consistently ahead of us by a couple of points. We had a hard time shutting down Jeff’s hucks, and Jeni was open non-stop. Lions took half, but we turned it around in the second. We had a bit more on the line than the Lannisters, after our loss to Mormont last week, and while we didn’t get the coveted 2-round bye, we secured our spot in 3rd place with a last minute break and a hold. Great team defense and sidelining from House Baratheon really carried us through. That’s another W for stags, and 2-0 for the night so far.

Now, the bar. Attendance was high, with many folks coming out from all 4 Rancho teams, and guest appearances from others who just wanted to hang. Andy Bandit was among these, and at some point in the night suggested a game of pool to add to the day’s competition. Lannister and Baratheon squared off against Bandit and Cubby, truly a legendary match. We lost the first game to a beautifully sunk 8-ball from Cubby and really impressive shots from Andy. However, we won the second game when Cub sunk the 8-ball halfway through. Andy wanted to make the last game more interesting, so for the tiebreaker we decided that whoever lost had to give a lap dance to Don and Bryan Devore, who were innocent spectators in this whole thing. Well, let it suffice to say that Andy and Cubby did not win the last game, and that minute of lap dancing was one of the best things I’ve seen this summer.

As for the competition, Stags held up strong. Though most of us left by 1 AM, the last two standing were these lovely Baratheons pictured below. Thanks for holding down the bar, Claire and Cam!! 3-0 for Gold. Game, set, match. See you all on Saturday.

I can neither confirm nor deny any of the events that happened at the bar.

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