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Let’s go back in time like Michael J. Fox to last week, when the country was a whole year younger.  And let’s talk about the 15th game decided by 2 two points or fewer already this season. By comparison, last year there were 23 total, and 26 in 2017, and 23 in 2016, so we’re on pace to beat all of those.  Right now we’re on pace for 28 such games.  Parity!  Whoop whoop!

And some people say we should get rid of the draft.  Bollocks I say to that!  (I just came back from England, by the way.)  God Save the Draft!!!

So here’s Paparatheon with her recap from last week:

Wow, week 4 was wild. And yes, this recap is coming a week late, but it was too good of a game to give up on it. We were at Balboa, so House Baratheon showed up early to claim the best of the field space and do some extra stretching to prepare for the gopher holes. House Arryn arrived soon after, and this may be the most on-time we’ve ever started. They had also picked up Sam Ross – a strong addition but fair, since their numbers were really tight.

The game started out with a huck from Sam to Ed Melo in the endzone. We were definitely ready to see more of this throughout the game. In fact, the first half was a lot of hucking back and forth in general, and the points were long, but the plays were great. Tahlia threw some massive hucks for a few scores, and Sam threw a hammer to Tahlia for another. On our side we saw some really strong defense. Cory snagged a layout D, and notably, Cubby got a huge run-through D on Sam (to get the disc back after a questionable throw)! Needless to say, both teams were playing hard. We traded 2 at a time until half, keeping the score at a close 7-8 (Arryn in the lead).

Second half was exciting and a lot of stuff happened, though a week out from the game and with only our whiteboard notes left, I can’t remember all the details (see attached, by popular demand). It looks like we scored first, with notes on a great grab from Devin. Ed had an insane layout grab in the end zone for the second point. We traded again for a few. Cub threw a ridiculous thumber across half the field (it was a turn), but made up for it later with a pretty toss to Claire, who stayed chilly through a hectic EZ and found Cam for the score. Cam and Cory scored a lot. Jules and Greta did work on the cutting scene.

But at one point Arryn started pulling away with a lead, and as you can see from our white board, Ed was really lighting it up. Points got longer and even more contested. Both teams were tired. The score was 14-11, House Arryn.

We’ve been playing a lot of close games, but the stags were not taking another loss. Ours was the Fury. We were fired up as our entire team ground through defensive points together. We also found our rhythm on offense, scoring one, two, three points in a row. We knew this was our comeback, but we were also fighting the clock again. Again, I don’t remember all the details at this point, and we ran out of space on the whiteboard. But I do know Cory had a massive layout grab to win the game 16-14, and humbly marked “Cory wins” on the whiteboard. What a comeback. Randy’s birthday was this past Sunday, and he said it was the best 25th birthday gift he could have asked for.

After an amazing game, everyone went to the bar. Seriously. Everyone. We saw strong representation from every team playing out in the valley that night. There was a long and heated discussion about whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, and what other foods qualify for the category. As usual, we stayed late and sleep was compromised for the greater good. We still had members from all teams at the end of the night, so we won the bar together. Man, I love the Robin Hood.

Oh, was that the game where the sandwich controversy happened?  I saw that on Facebook.  Funny.  I’m definitely more conservative on that, but I secretly want to be an anarchic sandwich liberal, and I hope to come out of the closet one of these days.

Cubby throwing turns, how shocking!

Happy 25th birthday Randy!  You don’t look a day over 25.  How do you do it?

Papa has officially promised me a poem recap.  So now she and I have a little date for a poem, and I hope I don’t get stood up.

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