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Before we get to the recap, can we discuss a minute about this week’s poll?  It’s the end of the week, so I’m not trying to influence the voters, but I’m fascinated by how much Rose Lavelle is killing the field.  What’s the deal here?  Is it a really great backstory?  I mean, I know she’s a great player, and got the Bronze Ball, but for a rookie midfielder who came in very unheralded, and who wasn’t featured much in any of the broadcasts (although admittedly I missed the entire 13-0 Thailand blow-out due to work) for her to be dominating this poll is pretty amazing.  I guess it’s a statement that it’s not all about the players who get all the ink like Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan.  (Although you do have them 2 and 3 currently in the voting.)

For me, I went with Crystal Dunn.  And not because she went to the same high school as me in Long Island.  I only learned that fact a couple days ago.  No, for me she was the most consistently incredible player the whole tournament.  My wife got annoyed with me constantly yelling “You cannot get past Crystal Dunn!”  Maybe it’s my biased preference for defensive players in all sports, but you cannot recall a single goal any team scored against the US from a cross or direct kick from the right side of the field where Dunn patrolled.  In fact, very few shots on goal even came from attacks generated on that side, because she squashed them all.  She absolutely controlled her corner of the field (along with Kelley O’Hara who was also fantastic on the opposite side, and additionally was an effective attacker out of the defensive position) and so she got my vote.  ARE WE CLEAR?  Crystal.

I wish I could see them at the Rose Bowl in August for the victory tour but I’ll be in Seattle getting kicked off a boat at a wedding, but that’s a story for another time.

Last night.  Lincoln Middle School, Santa Monica.  Or as I thought it was, Oakwood Rec Center in Venice.  Which is exactly where I drove us to before realizing that stupid mistake that took us a half hour out of our way.  I got it into my head because they’re both off California Ave.  Stupid.  Thank God I was wrong cause Oakwood is a disaster field and Lincoln is a dream.  Beautiful turf.  Brightly painted lines.  Not slippery.  You don’t get the little black pellets in your cleat.  My only complaint is maybe open up the fence on the street side.

Both teams running low.  Each had 9.  But Paul got hurt early in the game, dropping us to 8.  No excuses.  Although I know I said earlier in the week I don’t like sub pools, I admit that with 8 players, I was like “man, could I use a sub”.  But honestly I’d still rather play it out like that.  It’s a great team building exercise cause you know you’re all gutting it out together.  I feel closer to my team, which was immediately contradicted when I left them at the bar to go to ANOTHER bar three blocks walk away that had food. When I returned over an hour later, they were all gone.  So much for team chemistry.

They went up early on us, and we just couldn’t recover.  The whole game we were down 2-3 points as every attempted comeback was thwarted by the fact they turned it over so few times.  Could’ve been our defenses were so tired, but again, no excuses.  (Isn’t that great when you make an excuse and then say “no excuses”?  Classic.)

Props by the way to Dune.  One of the most spirited competitors I’ve played against.  And I’m not just saying that because he went to bat for me on a pick call I made against his team. He was just really nice to play against in the very few points we were on each other.

Three teams now tied at 3-3.  5 of the 7 teams are within a game of each other.  Nice parity.

Good news all.  Discs AND jerseys will be showing up this week.  Get excited!

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