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House Tully
House Baratheon


Useless piece of info: Last night at Joxer’s they were doing Karaoke League night, so none of our people could sing, which sucked, cause that’s the main reason I went out.  I’ve seen them do league night before.  It can get pretty crazy. They sometimes get dressed up and bring props.  This is serious business.  One of the women sang the song “No Scrubs”  by TLC, complete in full maid get-up and pulled out one of these and began scrubbing things with it, and then pulled out a garbage can, and threw it in the garbage. She truly wanted no scrubs, and the audience LOVED it.  I think she scrubbed the guitarist a little, and he looked delighted.

That was the best prop use of the night that I saw.

An now, here’s Buster Tully (which really sounds like the name of a boxer):

Family, Duty, Honor. Those are the words we live by. Our family always comes first above all others! We consider ourselves a pretty loyal house. We will never give up on one of our own and we will stand with our allies. Our King, however, does not share those same values and thus the battle between House Tully and House Baratheon commenced.

The battle started with basically trading points back and forth. We both scored, then we scored 2 and went up a break but they fought back just as hard and tied it at 3’s. Then we scored 2 and finally got our lead that we would keep for most of the game. We were feeling good but then one of our best fighters goes down. Lady Creamer falls and we can’t tell if she is alive or not. We battle our way to her and and find that she is alive, but barely. She will need milk of the poppy and some rest. The maester has told us that he will need to examine her more closely, but for now, she will be out for at least a few weeks.

This was very upsetting to House Tully and we fought even harder in her honor! House Tully took half 8-6.

The Baratheon’s took this as a sign that they could win and also came back fighting harder than ever. They came back to tie it 10-10. Their comeback shocked us at first, but we had family on our side, duty to get revenge for Lady Creamer, and honor was our goal. We went on a 3 point strike, then they scored 1, and we scored 2 to end the battle. House Tully wins 15-11.

We will be praying to Faith of the Seven that Lady Creamer makes a complete and full recovery and we will always live by our words: Family, Duty, Honor!

Milk of the poppy?  I really had to go look that one up.  As a non-GoT watcher, my mind went to a lot of weird places on that one.

Here’s also rooting for Creamer to not be badly hurt, and for a speedy recovery.  Did they have MRI’s in GoT?  I’m guessing not.  Thankfully she lives in this time, or else they’d probably just amputate that leg.

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