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I’m sorry it’s been so long getting out the entire schedule for the season.  I have hinted a little bit in each recap about the issues I’ve run into booking fields, but it finally looks like I can create the rest of the schedule, which I should have finished by the time I leave work. So stay tuned for that.

And now, lets get to the recap from last night’s game between Mormont and Martell.  This is Chris Mormont:

I don’t know a whole lot about Game of Thrones or House Mormont, and most of what I do know I looked up on the wiki for “A Song of Ice and Fire”, but there are some cool tidbits about House Mormont that should be shared. We live on Bear Island, we have a legendary sword called Longclaw, our logo is an angry prancing black lab, and the young girls in our house are known to hunt and slaughter bears and wolves for their furs.

Every year of summer league has a special feel to it. Last year, Steph and I had such a fun and mature team that it didn’t feel like captaining at all. This year, I had to talk Steph into captaining again because we are both super busy at work. Steph actually missed the draft since she was flying back from Mexico City, which was scary because she is way more connected to the north and east side players and has a better perspective on the ladies, but we were able to discuss some picks over text while she was on her flight (what a time to be alive!) There were a lot of picks I didn’t know so I was kind of anxious to see how the team would look once we all got together for our first game. Honestly, this group couldn’t be more fun and I think it worked out perfectly.

Steph and I were both excited to see some familiar faces – Ellen (aka LN2) and Toph and Sparta – and some new ones – Eric and Selin and Liz and Klepto and Steven. Plus some familiar faces that we haven’t played with. I have matched up with Dan Perahya and Ryan and Chain many times but never played on the same team, and I can’t remember the last time I played with Sonja. I walk by a door that MER illegally painted blue on UCLA’s campus almost every day, but we have never played together. Here’s to finally making some connections.

I had a whole plan for running a 6v6 offense and planned to discuss some finer points of bracket D, but soon realized that we might need to start with more of the basics since a few members of the team are new to the sport. I am actually pretty excited about this – I know the community has been working hard to make Summer League more beginner friendly and I am happy to see it is paying off. I think we have a great combination of teaching experience and learning enthusiasm and I can’t wait to watch our team fully enmesh over the coming weeks.

On to the actual game. Definitely some “feeling it out” jitters in the first half. Most teams have discussed the openness of the 6v6 field. What I noticed was how often the force side throwing lane is open, for several reasons. Harder to poach, each cutter has to be more active than usual, and maybe a little apprehension.

Jean was a killer for us. It seemed like she was always making a run through D, making a big huck, or generally chugging the offense along. Same can be said for Toph, who is majorly underrated (but Steph and I don’t mind). He unleashed some absolute gem hucks, and also caught a few with seemingly no one within guarding distance. Where did his defender go? No one knows. Also a shout out to Sonja who claims she just wants to pet the dogs and hold babies but also was a handler/cutter hub last night. Liz hadn’t played in a few years since the Puff the Magic Dragon season but came up with a few huge plays, including one full extension layout for a score. The newcomers on both teams played so well that it became a running joke that “I’m new” was code for “I’m really fast and about to torch you”, and you could shout “IM NEWWWW” on a cut to get a magic boost to your speed for extra separation from a veteran player.

On the other side, Judge and Tattoo played big. Robbie Adler had an amazing diving catch. Deevore lived up to their reputation and brought some serious team energy to the fields and the bar. The Martell boombox was blasting some real slaps all game and put some boogie in to the sidelines all night.

We ran a little late at the game and the park attendant was very serious about closing the parking lot at 10pm, cutting off our spirit circle reflection on the game and forcing us to promise to “MorTell at the bar” It was a fun game and fun teams, and I am looking forward to playing again next week, when we will take on House Tyrell for the title of “the green team”. I am going rogue on this one but whichever team loses has to change their color to some other thing that doesn’t have the word green in it. The collective team captains already decided House Tyrell (Forest Green) will go white/light and House Mormont (Kelly Green) will go dark because we are organized, but I think we need to raise the stakes a notch.

Okay, a few notes here:

MER looks great!

Chris said “I can’t wait to watch our team fully enmesh over the coming weeks.” I think he meant mesh, and not enmesh.  Mesh means to get get along.  Enmesh means to become tangled.  Although, according to Urban Dictionary, Enmeshed means “so hung up on your ex-partner that you can’t function without them so you inundate your current partner about how much you still ‘care’ for them that it makes them want to contemplate murder!”  So…. maybe he did mean that?

Hard to call Toph underrated when you selected him in the 2nd round.  He showed up on the draft sheet as a 2nd rounder, so he wasn’t exactly a steal.  If other teams underrate him, it’s fair to say they shouldn’t.  I mean, he is a Nationals champion, after all.

I’m glad to hear new players having a good time, and apparently being amazing.  I guess it’s an easy league to be beginner friendly when your beginners are so good.

Lastly, Klepto submitted this photo and said “The kitchen closed down so Tattoo and Karrot walked to the gas station across the street and bought chips for everyone. Then, they proceeded to get very drunk.”

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House Tyrell vs. House Stark

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