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Totally useless stat.  Did you know the letter R appears in 10 of the 11 Houses this year?  It’s the most prevalent of all the letters in the house names.  T is second most appearing in 9 of 11.  And finally, the AR sound is also the largest single syllable in all the house names, appearing in Arryn, Baratheon, Tarth, Targaryen and these two teams Martell and Stark.

And now that you’re finished yawning, let’s get to some important stuff, the recaps.  (Or recarps????)

First, from the victorious side, is Robbie Martell:

A lot has been written about Prince Oberon Martell’s daughters, the Sand Snakes, but most people haven’t heard of his only son, the Dancing Danger. In jousts and contests of strength, he is disregarded early on for his loose and often jubilant antics, however, to be lulled by his free spirit and his playful dancing is to court destruction. He is swift and strong and when he appears down is when he is most dangerous.

House Martell definitely channelled this son of Dorne during our battle with the Starks. The sideline dance party was strong as both teams took the field. We started out a little loosey goosey, going down quickly 5-1 to the Starks’ deep cuts and over the top throws. Our storied captains called a TO and, like the true leaders they are, rallied us with positive comments and suggestions. We came out re-energized and, though we didn’t take half, we did gain some ground. Bryan skyed Noah and we all agreed size doesn’t matter and proceeded to call Devore “The Unit” for the rest of the half. Half time score: Stark 8 Martell 5.

Second half was much better. Our flow began to hit, our D was on fire, and we clawed back up to 9-10. We were still down, but we forced them to call a time out and we knew we had more in us. Points were traded. We lost a little ground. Now behind by 2. Score 13-11. Then the song Pancake came on the amp and Weinberg streaked deep to pancake the disc for a score that started the break chain. Sweas and Litz smoothly guided our handler sets all night. Loved when Sweas said “I’m handling, right? Because I don’t have the legs to cut” just before making a beautiful deep cut for a score. With the game tied at 14, I told Jordan to go in for me and he quickly smacked the disc down for a turn near the end zone. I’m pretty sure that goes on my stats, too, since I sent him in for me. He was a beast all point to help bring us up to 15-14. Other highlights were TK jamming to the music both on and off the field, Deeve’s diving catch on the reset to save us, Judge’s sweet run through D, and Andy running his heart out every point and getting rewarded with the game winning goal. Martell 16 – Stark 14. It was a fantastic game with great spirit on both sides.

Of course, as much as I love my team on the field, the bar is where we truly shine. I counted ten of us there and most stayed until midnight. Bryan of course led the team here, too, as he and Not-so-Average Joe 🙂 were still there close to 1 when I left. Looking forward to what the rest of the season brings. Oh! And Bryan’s ban on jorts is officially lifted. Shhweeeet.

Good to see Deevore’s team continuing to have a strong bar presence.  And this is the second OT game in as many weeks, which speaks to great parity in the league.

Poor Joe is already Not-so-Average?  His averageness didn’t last long, and I hope he moves into the above-average category next week.  There was a podcast I heard -possibly This American Life – where they discussed how the word “average” has changed in society.  It used to mean the ideal, because you strived to be what’s considered the average person.  But that changed over time where now the term average is usually referred to negatively.  I love the evolution of words.

And with that, we move over to Scott Stark with his recap from the unvictorious side:

So I missed the whole first half and when I got there, we were up 8-4. I said at halftime circle that I was kinda bummed because the recap was going to be way cooler if I could use the “Oberyn Martell got a big lead and then blew it” narrative. We all agreed that the comparison wasn’t really apt because The Mountain isn’t a Stark anyway it doesn’t really work.

Well, as it turns out, they may have been the Martells, but we were Oberyn. At half time, we were like…

Then three points later, we were up 10-5 and we were all…

Then 4 points later it was 10-9 and we’re all…

Then 7 points later, we scored to tie it up at 14’s and we were like…

Then there was a great back and forth point but they scored to go up 15-14 and our sideline was all…

And the end did not go well for us.

And although losing such a tight game is tough, as I drift off to sleep tonight, I’ll console myself knowing that at least I’m not on the Thai women’s national soccer team. Yikes.

Yeah, 13-0.  Jesus, how does THAT happen?  Even more fascinating when you learn that Thailand defeated Indonesia by that same 13-0 score last year.  You think the Thai feel bad?  You do not want to be Indonesia right now.


  • Judge

    June 12, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    *JoDeeVore I’m part of this captain crew too!


    • Christi

      June 12, 2019 at 3:39 pm

      Yeah Andy! Give her some cred too! I think if they win more than two games this year, it’s obvi because Judge is leading them to victory.


  • Andy Bandit

    June 12, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Yes, of course, my apologies. It was more of a reference to the fact that their team used to go to the bar all the time last year. But fair point. I shall henceforth refer to the trio as JoDeeVore. I was trying to fit Judge in there, but JudgeeVore was the best I could do, and that just looked weird.


  • Ellen

    June 13, 2019 at 3:13 pm



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