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Last night was the first game you could call a blow-out in Mixed.  (Using USAU’s algorithm definition of a blow-out, which in a game to 15 would be 15-7.) It took 9 games to get one, so I consider that pretty darn good.  Last year the first one happened on game 3.  We’ve also played 5 Men’s games, and there’s been only 1 blow-out.  So through 14 games total, 2 blow-outs is half the number we had last year by this time.

Although two years ago, we didn’t get our first blow-out until game 20.

Let’s start with the winning side.  This is Reed Tarth:

A most elegant Reedcap:

“A song of Ice and Rum” (from Lost Spirits Distillery in downtown, take the tour, it’s quite the experience)

Wow.  Um…. wow.  So many things to say here.

First of all, I have been to the the Lost Spirits Distillery and I’ve taken the tour, and I concur.  Definitely a great experience.  A little weird.  But worth it.  They give you a shot of like 180 proof rum, and you’re like, wait, is this even possible?  And then you drink it, and it takes you a little while to recover as you briefly pass through another dimension and your throat says “what the actual fuck dude!”, but so tasty.

Secondly, I didn’t know Reed HAD an elegant side.  Raise your hand if you saw that coming?  Nobody?  That’s what I thought.

How come Cortez is just Cortez, and isn’t Alexa the Cortez?  Or Lady Cortez?  Even Maria Duke becomes Duke Maria.

This was one of the few recaps I’ve gotten where I had no ability to edit it, because all the words were attached to photos.  I noticed a couple of things I would’ve edited, like for example, he refers to golfer holes rather than gopher holes, and the stubborn editor side of the my brain is going “MUST FIX” but to be fair, I’ve gotten plenty of drunken Reedcaps where I had to shut down that side of the cortex and just let the words flow like the drinks flowed down his gullet.

Otherwise, it’s all brilliance.  Good show my Lord.  Good show.

And now, we hear from the side of the dragons, this is Joanna Targaryen:

Episode 2 and Daenerys is being shuffled around like an object. Getting bent over and used hard. It’s hard to watch. She’s still finding the fire inside. Her brother is still one of the biggest dicks of the season. I mean Joffrey cut off Ned’s head, no one will ever out rank him in dickish-ness, but Viserys is pretty up there.

That’s kind of how game two felt. Tired, beaten, finding our true selves. Starting out strong both teams trade points to 3s. Then Tarth goes on a run to take half 8-3. Yeah, it was that quick. Some bobbles from both teams, but more from Targaryen. We’re still learning our High Valyrian, which may have led to our unease. Coming out on D we let three more points before scoring our own. We’re not feeling the 2 handler 4 cutter setup and transition back to 3 and 3. Working much better for us. Tara had some great catches, Castro always trying to up his game, Tim, Pat, and Sherry joining us for their first game of the season. Points are coming in, but it’s just too much of a deficit to make up. The Tarth clan is feeling the pressure of what could be a HUGE comeback and pull out a full field huck from Brandon to Cortez to seal the game because playing out the point was too nerve-racking for them. Dragonfire is not something to scoff at.

Next week we get to finally have some turf and let our wings really loose. However, this week we may have lost the game, but we won both the bar and the sidelines. We had a dog AND a baby cheering us on. At Robin Hood we already decided we won the bar from the outset because despite dead even numbers in attendance, Tarth came late and tried to seclude themselves in a separate booth while one of their members joined the real party with us. Eventually Tarth relented and joined. Reed was loud. Pat seems to think Reed is the funniest person he knows. We either need to get Pat some more friends or a better sense of humor. Nahall, Snatch, and I were last to leave, and even though Tarth as a whole lost the bar, Nahall was the real loser because she didn’t fulfill her promise of a shot with the bartender.

P.S. did you know that spell check knows how to spell Daenerys and marks when you spell it wrong? What a world.

Okay, I have a lot to talk about here too.

Daenerys.  Nope.  WordPress wants to auto-correct.  I’m getting the squiggly red line.

Other things that get the squiggly red line, btw: Reedcap, Tarth, Nahall, both Cortez AND Alexa, Joffrey, Viserys, Valyrian, Targaryen, Dragonfire, dickish-ness, WordPress (go figure) and huck.  Huck gets the squiggly line.  Except at the start of a sentence where they apparently think it’s a first name.

Since you can’t see the squiggly red line, I’m gonna screen shot this to prove it.

Last week I said there were only 6 seasons of GoT, and nobody corrected me.  Sweet.  Now I realize there are 8 seasons, so it’s closer to the number of games Jo will play, but I’m still waiting to see what she’ll do for game 9.

I can’t argue that your team didn’t do as well with 2 handlers and 4 cutters, but I’m still believing 2/4 is the better move than 3/3 on a full sized field.  But starting next week all their games will be narrower, so probably 3/3 is better on the narrower field.

Oh Pat……

c’mon Pat.

(Secretly though I do also think Reed is pretty hilarious at times.  But I’m putting this in much lighter font so you can barely read it.)

We need to have a points based system to once and for all figure out who wins the bar.

Here’s my initial draft, and feel free to tweak this until we have something everyone can agree on.  This is based on the poll I put out a couple years ago.

1 pt for every player at the bar
2 pt bonus for having more players
2 pts for being last to leave
1/2 pt for every shot taken by your team
1 pt for every karaoke song
1 pt for every game of pool/darts/shuffleboard won
1 pt for player for visible make-outs
2 pts for everyone who passes out.  Or should that be -2 pts?
3 pts for a live bar recap

It’s a start.


  • Reed

    June 13, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    I was using the old English spelling. We didn’t start using the modern term gopher till the early 19th century with the introduction of the game golf


  • Andy Bandit

    June 13, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    Well that is some next level sh*t right there. Bravo sir. Tip of the cap.


  • Reed

    June 13, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    Nah, it was just a typo, but think about how many spelling errors there are in old manuscripts, writing by candle light, no auto correct, lots of monastic beer, etc..


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