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House Tyrell


Another close game.  I’m loving this year.  Most of the games have been decided by 2 – 3 points this year in both divisions.  It’s awesome.  Let’s keep it up.

First up, we have Lady Christi Tyrell:

I need to preface this recap with a short note in an attempt to dispel further rumors of profanities that are being attributed to my vocabulary. Multiple people have heard stories of me calling myself a certain word that isn’t quite fit for the LAOUT recaps section. This was blown out of context from a bar conversation last year, and we all know how rumors spread in this community.

I will say that there may be an occasion from time to time when an inappropriate word or two may be muttered under my breath in a moment of disappointment. In said instances, these musings are used in a general sense, like when you stub your toe and say “oh drat!” (People still say that, right?)

That said, I did have a perfect sitcom moment at the bar when I was trying to clarify said rumors, and I said “fucking slut” just as ALL CONVERSATION CEASED AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE SPEAKING.

On a brighter note, Tyrell rocked it at the bar with ELEVEN players in attendance. It was no contest until Dan Perahya insisted on being the last person to leave. But still, they only had three people from Mormont, so whatevs.

Oh and there was an ultimate game that happened earlier on a field that looked like turf but felt more like a slip-n-slide. Note for future games there – just run in a straight line and you’ll be fine.

House Arryn was a force to be reckoned with. A very special shout out to Sterre who is ‘new’ and has ‘only played for a year’ except she had beautiful cuts left and right, played awesome D and scored at least 4 of the Arryn points. Clearly, I should not be left to guard the 18-year-old.

I bought a banner for House Tyrell to show our true Highgarden spirit and lead our team to battle, but alas, it seemed to have been our demise. It’s a pretty big banner, and I think it partially blocked our view. House Arryn won 15-13, and we fell straight through the moon door.

Aside from that being a fantastic gif, that story reminds me of the classic Muppet running gag where group chatter would invariably end with Janice saying something awkward:

Oh my God, that still makes me laugh.  Janice is the best Muppet.  You’re in good company Christi.

I heard that these fields were a little hard.  It was our first time at the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks turf field, and possibly our last?  Sounded pretty awful.  We’re only there through next week and then that’s it.

I think Sterre is the youngest player in the league this year.  There’s nobody under the age of 18, so she may be the youngest.  Hell yeah young players schooling ….. um…. less young players.

How much did this Tyrell banner cost?  I see all THESE BANNERS on line for $20.00

I think every team should get one of these.  And they should all be on display at the tournament.  Unfortunately there’s no White Walker for my team.  Although there is this Johnnie White Walker banner that I kind of want, if it wasn’t $150!!!

And now we move to the other captain from House Tyrell, Thies.  The two co-captains send me separate recaps without copying the other.  It’s different.

It is with a heavy heart that I am here to report that some dragons or wizards or some sort of red wedding happened at the House of Tyrell last night. I don’t know how these things work in the land of thrones. I just know that Arryn showed up with a purpose, and that purpose was to put an end to Tyrell’s (albeit, brief) winning streak.

I’m not too certain of the scoring breakdown, other than at one point Arryn amassed a 4 point lead, and Tyrell was able to cut that lead to 1 late in the game, but could not get over that hump. Breaks are REALLY hard to come by in 6 vs 6. Really, the offense has to make an unforced error, it’s really hard to pressure the offense with all that extra space (nearly 20% more). Arryn was very patient, and crisp with their throws. Fuse was the anchor of their offense with Cable a close second. Jerome’s daughter (who’s name I didn’t catch) seemed to come down with everything thrown in her direction. It felt like she had at least 1/3 of their points.

Tyrell fought off the dragons or orcs or whatever’s in this show hard, but our wizard staff’s just weren’t wizard-y enough tonight. Our potions were less potent. That said, we welcomed two members of the family who weren’t there for the first two games, Jeremy and Sam. Both played very well and I’m super excited to have them around for the rest of the summer. Taylor is getting more and more comfortable handling, and Ryan’s cutting is noticeably better with each point he plays.

It was a super fun game to be a part of, and I’m wicked excited about the direction of Tyrell for the remainder of the summer!

oh yeah

Here’s Box


I’m glad to hear there was so much space at VNSO cause I was worried that field would be too narrow to even put two 6v6 fields side by side.  Of all the complaints I’ve heard so far about that field, width isn’t one of them apparently.

One comment

  • Stephen

    June 18, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Oooooooooooooo noooooooooooo

    I’m not saying the fields last night weren’t narrow, because they were.

    I was just saying there is so much more space for offenses to work with in comparison to if we were playing 7v7 on the same fields.

    Interestingly, if the fields were 33×120 (If I remember right you said you counted out 33 yards width) then they were actually proportionately roughly the same as 7v7 (330-340 square yards per player on the field).

    That said I’m not sure they were 120 in length

    Also, something about two fewer players on the field (even when proportionately the same) has an effect on the game. It’s two fewer cogs in the machine to worry about disrupting the flow of the offense.


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