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Our fearless leader, Mr. Andy Bandit, has one again stepped away from his throne and handed off the recap posting to me (Christi).

Last night, House Mormont took on House Baratheon, and here’s Chain Mormont with the recap:

The relatively cool fields at Rancho loomed large in anticipation of the battle at hand. It was Baratheon vs Mormont, two houses filled with big hairy men and strong women. It was going to be a street brawl of a fight. The Baratheons looked fierce and daunting with their war cries; their figures emblazoned with the gold of their house colors. These folks were a house of kings and could not be taken lightly. We, on the other hand, are a humble house and know little of kings and gold and glory but we do know how to fight.

The game was a real nail biter and a close match between two giants (literally at times). We were matching each other point for point. I think half was 8-7 to Mormont but it could have easily been the other way. Both teams fighting hard for every inch and I don’t recall a ton of turnovers by either team. There were so many players on both teams putting on a clinic in either throwing or cutting to name. Baratheon ladies Charlotte, Greta, and Jules were catching everything. I had a fun time chasing Cory around and it got a bit intimate at times. Our ladies were running hard as well and making great grabs. Frances and Liz were always open and Mer was making great throws. Ellen was making great cuts and getting open. Toph and Dan were slinging it all over the field. Cubby and Mike Z had some awesome throws as well. And as for Sam Cook, well there is a lot to be said. Guy was everywhere; making grabs, throwing dimes, and getting D’s. I have played with and against many good players but what I love about him is how he is always positive and encouraging. You don’t always see that with players at his level (not trying to throw shade). Kudos to Brandon for doing a great job sticking with Sam all night.

I can’t remember the exact quote but it goes something like there is a very thin line between genius and insanity. This seems to encapsulate Cubby 100%. One moment that stands out was when Mormont had the disc and Cubby’s man burned him pretty bad (Jordan was amazing as a help d and covered that run completely) so Cubby stayed upfield and somehow was able to be in the perfect place to intercept a pass for me. I don’t know if that was a genius defensive play or one of the laziest d’s that ever occurred but he got it either way so kudos. I also want to shout out Brandon for being one of the only people to get a D on Sam in the endzone with a spectacular layout d which unfortunately led to his injury. We are all hoping he gets well soon and can continue being an awesome person and player.

It was a great game and very spirited. Baratheon is loud and fun which is no surprise considering their captains are Cory and Papa. Both teams fought hard but we came out on top. Mormont is on a tear right now despite our slow start. Here We Stand!

Mormont’s win puts them into a 3-way tie for 6th place with Houses Targaryen and Arryn. Of course, that leaves all of the teams just shy of the number 5 slot, and the top 5 teams all get first (and some also get second) round byes. I don’t know how the rankings work well enough to be able to predict if anyone is able to move up into the 5 seed slot within the next week, but it looks like House Greyjoy is on the bubble.

Click here to see the tournament bracket format.

Next week is the final week of regular play, so good luck!

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