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We’re a day away from the Tournament Replacement Draft.  And this afternoon I should also finally have the tournament brackets for you.  So we’re definitely hitting the home stretch.

Here’s Tahlia Arryn with the report from last night:

The game was started unconfused. After Arryn’s shitty performance last week, we were completely trampled, we came out HOT HOT HOT. Starting on defense, we got a break. Played frisbee a bit more and were feeling good. Martell began to wake up and started scoring point and running a lot. It became even more fun. Joe on Martell loves high fives, so we’re basically best friends now. TK, Devore and Deeve ran a bunch. Weinberg loved running a lot. Josie and Sweas had some perfect inside breaks LIKE ALL THE TIME. Also Judge read me like a book so she just stayed open the whole day. Sterre crushed it on defense. GOSH SHE’S GOT SOME LEGS. Then the confusion started…

At some point in the game, Jeroen must have thought we were playing volleyball for he seemed to spend ¼ of the game on the ground. Was he making really cool bids or was he just taking micro naps? I wanted to give him the hot pink knee pads I forgot to bring this week… BAD CAPTAIN!

The next bit of confusion started over the RULES! Gosh, that never happens… jk 2 of the 3 rule questions were resolved. I have one for the crowd: When the disc is turned over on the endzone. Does the person who picks it up have to have their pivot foot on the goal line or just behind it? Asking for a friend.

Well we ended the game and everyone went to the bar. At the bar, both teams laughed together and drank together. Judge was taking body shots off Fuse; and Deeve was shotgun racing Kale on the street.  All’s well (fair) in love and war.

That sounds like a good time.

Hot pink knee pads need to make it out to the tournament.  Fo sho!!!

Fortunate that the game happened at all with the crazy fire that broke out Tuesday in that homeless encampment at Sepulveda Basin.  Sad.  (Does anyone know if the government does anything to help out if a fire destroys a homeless encampment?  I’m curious.)  But we checked AQI which was at 154 on Tuesday, but fell all the way down to 66 by Wednesday, so they were good to play, and the field gave us the okay.

SOME people were hoping the AQI level would not go down so they could go to the bar for six hours instead of playing their game last night, but I’m not naming names.

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