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The only Friday night game on the calendar happened in Week One.  Personally, I love Friday night games even though yes, occasionally they happen on weekends when there’s tournaments and you can’t make your league game cause you’re on a plane.  BUT, on weekends when I’m not going to a tournament (and I go to a lot fewer tournaments than I used to) a Friday night game is (Erin says a lot, so it’s seeped into my vocab.)

Friday night games used to be a guarantee of a drunken Reedcap, but he’s claimed we’ve seen the last of them, and perhaps we have.  Here’s Reed Tarth with his less than drunken summary:

House Tarth and House Lannister have a long and troubled history. In the days of the first men Tarths and Lannisters fought side by side defending the Kree people. The Lannisters sold arms to the Skrull on the side and made a tidy profit. This is how they became the richest family in the reach.

Nearly three centuries later the Tarths visited the Lannister court seeking a loan that they could build their now famous Hogwarts school system. The loan was granted, but it came with a terrible curse, we’ll get to that later.

At present day (When the books and HBO show take place) the Lannisters and Tarths find themselves at odds, facing off in a mad race to secure the one true ring that Hermione Lannister unknowingly wore as a necklace during her youth.

The ring is discovered when Tarth General, Ser Grievous, takes Lady Hermione Hostage, but before they are able to secure the ring, Atreyu and Bastian come soaring in on Falcor the LuckDragon who lays waste to both armies with his magnificent laugh.

The survivors retreat to Quark’s tavern to drown their sorrows in Romulan ale, toasting the fallen who now dance in Elysium’s golden fields. The aftermath of this battle prompted the creation of the 12 colonies.

Now the stage is set for our ultimate frisbee match…

Our warm-up was a spirited game of Last Tarth Standing. Tarth started down a few breaks and it seemed like the chemistry of Lannister’s extra game would be an advantage early. D got us back in it though. Corey was flying everywhere, getting some bookends. Hubli swatted down nearly every deep shot the Lannisters took. Brandon did Brandon things.

Tarth takes half 8-7

Lannister opened half with a break to tie it at 8-8
This is where I stopped paying attention to the score and just ran around like crazy. Did more cutting in this game than I did all last season. It went back and forth till 10-10 and then Tarth pulled away with a series of quick breaks to win 15-12ish (11?)

Highlights include:

Stephanie Hubli (new to LA) being everywhere getting Ds high and low.
Victor was mad squirrelly and exhausting to guard.
Jeni being stupid fast, great hands, and perfect layout form that left her with nasty turf burn on all 4 knees and elbows.
Brandon looking like he was piloting the disc via remote control.
Tyler icing the game with the prettiest cross field IO flick to Alison.

Post game captains pic with a Lannister bystander:

Lannister was really spirited and there is no bad blood between the houses.

Ok, so then the bar…

Both teams showed up strong. Lannister had more bodies, but Tarth won more games of pool. Lannisters paid their tab and left two Tarths remaining. Who won?


At the bar Nate and I each gave a 30 second verbal recap to Tory, a writer who was celebrating her 27th birthday. She then agreed to pen the recap for Friday’s game. As of late Sunday night I have heard nothing from Tory, pictured here:

“So Say We ALL!”

Well played.  The beginning of that reminded me of the scene from “THE OFFICE” when Jim tries to prove that Dwight does indeed waste time at work. At the :45 second mark of this clip when he explains Battlestar Galactica to Andy, knowing it will kill Dwight that he can’t correct Jim’s explanation without wasting time:

God I loved that show, and I appreciate Reed giving me the reminder.

I’m very disappointed and not at all surprised Tory didn’t come through with the third party recap.  Mostly disappointed though.  She seems like a lovely girl.  For the record, I also would’ve taken a recap from the guy cheering them on in that first pic.

All these questions of who won the bar.  It’s time for a poll.  Oh wait, I already did one.  July 24, 2017 poll.

Having the most players is #1 followed by latest to leave at the end of the night.  Based on that, you have to give it to Lannister on Friday night.  It’s just science.

And now, even though Tory didn’t give us a recap, we do get one from Nate Lannister:

Lannister vs Tarth: Reed in rare form

Reed’s insane recap should be just above this one. We discussed this. Reed was in rare form even for Reed. A top 5 all-time post-game night for him? I mean Reed made us THE engaging entertainment experience for Tory’s Birthday. Amazing.

In terms of the game, Skipper’s charming girlfriend Kim took some notes for me. She does not play. I found them adorable, and had to share. She has lovely handwriting. We were up 3-1, they took half 7-8, we broke out of half to 8s, and then they put on a run to finish 15-11.

  • “5 foot jump catch by Nate! & Skipper WOOP!”
  • “#12 got hopps! (Lyly)”
  • “21 (Jeff?) Keeping it Quick! SO many completed passes”
  • “Victor catching that long throw & calling TO (+)”   [Editor’s Note I do not know what the (+) is for]
  • “Jenni getting those nice marks in!”
  • “Karissa HAND BLOCK!”

Thank you Kim! You are always welcome to join us, drink, and heckle!

In the next Lannister Recap, we may discuss the beautiful fit of family House vibes to their captains. Beyond the unsurprising fit of Joanna as the crazy dragon woman of course. It has been all over my brain. Jaime Lannister is my favorite character in the series and I am already feeling his early Ls. We just got hoodwinked at the Battle of the Whispering Wood.   

Yes, you HAVE to do that.  That sounds like something we need.  Please put that together.  Approved.

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