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Faith Militant


When I asked Faith Militant’s captains Jason Dobruck and Chuck LaForte if they had cones for their game, Chuck gloriously announced “I’ve been told I’m really good at setting up cones”, and thus, I handed him the cones.  And then minutes later when he was setting them up, he said “I’m not sure how I wound up doing this.”  Yes you do, Chuck.  Yes you do.

Here’s Jason with the recap of their game last night against Dothraki.

The first game of Summer League is always an exciting one. It’s the first opportunity to establish a strategy for the season, figure out how your players click with one other, and most of all, have fun playing against and with a bunch of cool people. Anyways, on to the recap.

Faith Militant showed up with nearly a full squad contrasted by our opponent Dothraki who appropriately enough played savage (or very close to it) for the majority of the game. We won the flip and decided to start our season out right by playing D. It appeared that the gods were in our favor as we took three breaks to go up a quick 3-0 before Dothraki responded with a score of their own. After this rebuttal, we traded a couple points in the first half with Faith Militant taking it to 8-4. Second half, Faith Militant went on some commanding runs broken up by a couple more scores from Dothraki to finish the game out 15-6.

The game was composed of lots of chilly swinging and some solid disc movement from both sides. A ton of work was put in from Dothraki’s Chicago and Steve. Of course, chilly play must be balanced out by occasional deep shots, *most* of which found their spot. Summer league freshman, and Faith Militant acolyte Jake had perhaps the catch of the night. This involved anywhere between 5-10 bobbles while falling and ending with a pancake onto his thigh half an inch off the ground. Wasn’t a score but still exciting!

Shout out to Buster for stepping in as honorary Khaleesi in the second half to lead Dothraki out of pure savagery and let some players get a breather.

I also want to say that for being a bunch of bloodthirsty warmongers, Dothraki have some exceptional poise and diplomacy when it comes to resolving calls. There were a good number of picks and one or two contested stalls/fouls all of which were resolved amicably with zero escalation. Even better, all veteran players who were involved in a call with a newer player made sure to explain the rule/situation fully before moving on. Good spirit is the best way to start the season!

So true.  Both games had good spirit.  It was a very good start.

As mentioned in the other recap, I think it’s fair to say Buster playing in a Men’s league game is the first time that has happened in Summer League.  I can’t say for certain if no other woman has played in Men’s, but I certainly don’t remember it happening.  Unfortunately, I forgot to ask her afterwards how it went.

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