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I would love to do a recap on theme, explaining how the White Walkers clan battled against the Wildlings clan and throw in some clever easter eggs for the fans, but honestly I’ve barely ever watched Game of Thrones, so I couldn’t even tell you what a Wildling is.  Sounds like one of the Muppets or the creatures from Where the Wild Things Are.  I watched the first season of Game of Thrones a few years ago on HBO Go, but it wasn’t my thing and I gave up on it.  I know, crazy right?  Why would I make the theme GoT when I don’t even watch the show?  Simple.  Because my Facebook News Feed has been an endless stream of dragons, Starks, Lannisters and Peter Dinklage gifs every Sunday night and Monday morning for the last six years.  So I’m giving the people what they want.

Without question, the top 5 things I get spoon fed on my feed is 1 – Trump sucks. 2 – AOC is the best.  3 – Dogs.  4 – Whatever Keegan Uhl is forwarding.  5 – GoT  (Apologies to those who don’t know Keegan. I love the guy, but trust me, it DOES NOT STOP!!!!)

So last night was the first time I’ve played at Balboa in a few years.  Although the gopher holes were still there, and you had to battle with the soccer players for field space, and fitting the cones between the softball fields is always a feat of geometry, it was still some nice nostalgia to be back there.  Dogs are welcome.  There’s ample amounts of parking in the lot.  And the guy inside said he’d keep the lights on until 10:30.  He was super chill.  Also, it meant going back to the Robin Hood, the old haunt where they still sort of honor LAOUT Happy Hour prices if you ask them, and the waitresses can’t be bothered…. unless you’re Seth Gillum who they all collectively love.  But who doesn’t?  I asked you all in the Summer League registration form to name your Ultimate role model.  It was optional but 174 of you responded.  Here were the top 10 people selected as their role model in order, removing myself cause I wrote the poll so obviously there’s some bias there.  Note: equal split of men and women in the top 10.

Seth, Jeff Landesman, Chuck Aramaki, Bryan DeVore, Skipper, Enway, Laura Wheeler, Sonja and Connie Wang.

All great selections.  And thanks to everyone who responded to that.  You obviously didn’t have to, but it’s always fun to give some shout outs to people who deserve it.

First game of the year is exciting, especially if you drafted a team cause you get to see if all those hours spent pouring over stats, and asking people “what do you think of this player?” paid off.  Buster came out to watch our White Walkers, cause admittedly she gave me a lot of advice on drafting my team.  So she basically came out to see all her friends she told me to pick.  And she actually ended up getting into the other game cause one of the teams was savage and they asked her to sub in.  I’m not sure if that’s the first woman to play on a Men’s team in Summer League, I’d have to check out some old recaps. But I don’t recall it happening before.

I meant to remember to take a few photos of the first game, but this was literally the only photo I got:

I think I’ve got a promising career in photography.

This was a great game, in the sense that it was tied a lot.  We kept going out in front, and they kept tying it.  We took half 8-5 only to watch them get the first 3 points in the 2nd half.  And it was last tied at 13’s when we finally put it away.  Great match-up between X of Wildlings and Thomas Pineda of White Walkers.  They guarded each other most of the game, and had 5 or 6 battles on hucks and it felt pretty close to even.  Did you know X is master’s age?  WTF???  I thought he was in his early 20’s.  Dude plays amazing for an old guy.  (Worth noting though, Thomas is even older.)  Also, a call out to Aaron Jackson, who I believe is a BGF player, playing in his second Summer League, and he had a couple big D’s in the end zone for us.

My team was well represented.  13 of the 16 players showed up, and most of them made it out to the bar.  That’s my kind of team!

I’ll leave you with this photo that I found, that’s super clever.  Snow White Walker.

I’m a little disappointed there was no Walter White Walker costume.

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